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Eventbrite accelerates high-quality integration delivery at scale and lifts customer satisfaction

Powers customer integrations with Tray Embedded, driving 2x higher marketplace rating on most-used app while conserving dev capacity

Tray Embedded has allowed us to quickly deliver high-quality, self-maintained integrations for our customers.

Dan Peterson, Sr. Director of Product


  • Quickly delivered high-quality customer integrations

  • Increased customer rating for the most-used integration on public app marketplace from 1.9 to 4.0

  • Freed up integrations squad of four to six engineers down to one to focus on other business-critical projects

  • Boosted reliability and quickly identified issues using performance data

  • Helped reduce support ticket volume by 100x


  • Events, Technology, Internet


  • San Francisco, California


  • 600+


  • Tray Embedded Native

Eventbrite is a global self-service ticketing and experience technology platform that powers live experiences around the world. In 2019 alone, the company powered more than 4.7 million events and served more than 949,000 event creators.

“Our mission is to bring the world together through live experiences,” says Sr. Director of Product Dan Peterson. “A big part of that mission is empowering creators with the tools and technology they need to execute successful events.”

With the Tray platform you can connect any web service

Eventbrite case study


Maintaining high-quality customer integrations at scale

Eventbrite’s customers need many integrations, so the company’s original approach was to have third-party builds via self-serve integrations in a public marketplace. “Eventbrite’s App Marketplace is a place where creators can search for and set up integrations between Eventbrite and their favorite tools,” explains Peterson. “These integrations help our users get the most out of Eventbrite by streamlining event-related processes and logistics.”

However, over time, the company’s third-party-driven approach made it challenging to maintain consistently high quality integrations. In particular, while the team frequently solicited app feedback from customers, getting fixes or updates implemented required contacting third parties that didn’t always respond promptly and/or didn’t have the tools or resources to quickly diagnose the issues and make changes.

After a particularly challenging experience maintaining a third-party integration, Peterson and his team realized that Eventbrite needed to find a way to ensure that integrations on the marketplace met their high standard of quality without requiring considerable resource investment from the team.

“We solicited a third-party vendor to build an integration between Eventbrite and a popular email marketing tool. While the integration they built worked well at first, it quickly became challenging to maintain. Whenever we had issues with the integration, we had to go through the third party to get them resolved. And without the visibility to diagnose and solve problems, any progress was slow. Our customers took notice.”

Eventbrite was also evaluating the impact of building customer integrations on its engineering resources. “In the past, it would take a full engineering squad of four to six developers plus a product manager one quarter to build and launch a single integration. And that doesn’t include the ongoing maintenance required to keep up with bug fixes, API updates, and other changes, and we would have had to continue providing that post-integration support pretty much forever.”


Tray Embedded offers a solution for high-quality integrations and happy customers

Eventbrite didn’t want just any integration solution. The team needed a solution so seamlessly connected with its marketplace that customers didn’t know it was there. “Event creators are tech-savvy problem-solvers that are comfortable using any number of tools to execute their events,” adds Peterson. “But that doesn’t mean they are willing to buy additional software to tap into the integrations that should be available on our marketplace. Most integration solutions put the burden on the customer to solve the problem.”

“We evaluated a shortlist of solutions given the specificity of our use case and our standard of quality here at Eventbrite. We were looking for the unique combination of robust integration capabilities, the ability to white-label the integrations we built, and a team we could see ourselves partnering with for years to come. We found that in Tray.io."

Use case

Delivers reliable integrations without massive dev lift

Eventbrite partnered with the team at Tray.io to build a new integration for one of its most popular services to replace the third-party solution that it was struggling with before. “Our great relationship with the team at Tray.io was instrumental in getting this project off the ground,” notes Peterson. “They had a clear understanding of what we were trying to accomplish and approached the project with a level head, no ego.”

Based on that foundation, Peterson and his team set out to build the new integration under a tight deadline. “Our marketing team had pushed up the launch a month, but we were confident that we could deliver a reliable, white-labeled integration that our customers would love.”

Once the integration was live, Peterson and his team didn’t need to spend nearly as much time maintaining integrations. “We know that after the integrations get built, keeping track of API updates from other tools is no longer a problem for our team, since we’re confident we can work them out with the Tray.io team.” The Eventbrite team also appreciated Tray Embedded’s analytics tools, which surface performance data to diagnose any challenges its customers encountered within an hour of receiving the ticket.


Eventbrite lifts customer satisfaction and delivers high-quality integrations

Since launching its first integration using Tray Embedded, the Eventbrite team has seen a positive response. "Tray Embedded has exceeded our expectations as a solution that delivers high-quality, self-maintained integrations for our customers,” says Peterson. “Since implementing the platform, we’ve doubled the customer rating on one of the most popular integrations on our public marketplace to more than four stars.”

“From an efficiency perspective, we’ve cut the number of engineers needed to build out an integration from about six to just one engineer and one product manager. Those other engineers can now focus on other critical projects, including developing our core product,” Peterson explains.

“Not to mention, reliable customer integrations provide some great benefits. Fewer customer integration issues helps ease the burden on our support team and keeps our customers satisfied, which in turn can help retention. We've even seen support ticket volume related to this particular integration decrease from 200 to about two or three a week.”

Next steps

Building the future of integration at Eventbrite

Through its partnership with Tray.io, Eventbrite hopes to continue delivering top-tier integrations using significantly fewer resources. “As we evolve our product to be completely self-service, providing easy-to-use integrations with our creators' business critical tools is a key part of how we succeed. Tray Embedded gives us a scalable and efficient way to execute on this vision,” says Peterson.

Innovative companies trust Tray Embedded to deliver customer integrations faster, incredibly efficiently, and at any scale. If you’d like to learn more, discover how CRM Copper achieved breakthrough integration velocity, or see how support scripting platform Cue expanded its total addressable market through integrations. And while you’re at it, sign up for a 1:1 demo.

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