Cloud Infrastructure Provider Uses the Tray Platform for Just-in-Time, Personalized Marketing

Connects Segment, Marketo, Salesforce, GetFeedback, and Slack to automate sales and marketing workflows handling millions of daily events

We can look across the end-to-end stack and connect any of our tools to gain total control. This is the next wave of what a marketing stack will look like and the Tray Platform lets us fulfill that vision.

Director of Marketing and Demand Generation


  • Built a data-queuing and segmentation engine between Segment and Marketo to route millions of events for more effective email campaigns

  • Enriched Salesforce Service Cloud data for a single source of truth for the customer relationship

  • Connected Segment and GetFeedback to automate and scale Net Promoter Score program

  • Drove broader visibility with alerts in Slack from form fills and status changes in Salesforce


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  • Tray Platform

One of the largest and fastest-growing cloud computing platforms.

A widely-used cloud infrastructure provider, founded in 2011, is sailing full-steam ahead in its quest to be the top cloud platform for developers in the world. And with nearly one million registered users taking advantage of its simple and robust platform, they are well on their way.

Vox Media uses to speed up new customer onboarding 20X.

Cloud infrastructure provider Case Study


Connect Segment and Marketo without using developer resources  

To help it maintain its phenomenal growth, the cloud provider chose Salesforce as its customer relationship management platform. As the company rolled out Salesforce to its customer-facing teams, it began looking for a marketing automation tool that would work hand-in-hand with Salesforce. The company selected Marketo in part because of the ability to integrate it with Salesforce.

The company's Director of Growth and Demand Generation had a vision for connecting it’s customer data platform (Segment) with Marketo and then connecting Marketo with Salesforce for a streamlined, efficient workflow. “Connecting the systems and workflow would let us be smart about how we communicate with users,” he says.

Because of the expense and amount of time it takes to develop a custom integration solution, he knew that his team needed an automation tool that didn’t require developer resources. In fact, the team already had what they thought would be the right tool for the job. However, as they prepared to deploy Marketo, it became clear that the original plan for integrating the systems was not going to work as the touted integration was not comprehensive enough, especially when it came to event segmentation. That’s when the Director and his team turned to

Phase I Solution

Integrate and automate two core systems with

While the team was skeptical at first, it quickly realized that the Tray Platform could do everything that they needed and more. From’s deep expertise in Marketo to its ability to handle data from millions of events per day from Segment, the integration platform vendor was exactly what the team was looking for.

With help from the Customer Success Team, the company mapped its workload, defined what it wanted to achieve, and solved its most pressing integration issue. The Tray Platform was able to integrate Segment and Marketo was in production in less than 30 days with no development resources required. “Tray’s Customer Success Team is fantastic,” says the Director of Marketing and Demand Generation. “I can’t emphasize enough just how good the Tray folks are at what they do.

Phase II Solution

Continue automating across the marketing stack

With the initial integration under its belt, the company began what it views as phase II of its Tray journey. Explains the company's Senior Growth Marketing Manager and Tray user and evangelist at the cloud provider company, “We’re constantly finding new and interesting use cases for Tray within our organization. In terms of value from the platform, the only limit is in ideas about how to connect data to action, whereas before we were limited by technical capabilities or level of effort.”

Some of the additional use cases the company has already implemented with Tray include:

Adding location data to improve customer segmentation

The company uses Tray to pull in data originating in its cloud platform and enrich the data with geolocation information. Tray then puts the enriched data into Segment, where it’s made available to other applications within their application.

Sharing test result data for real-time insight and agility

Tray pulls data on email and onboarding tests from Segment and summarizes the results before putting them into Slack.

Enriching Salesforce Service Cloud data

Using Tray, the company enriches Salesforce service cloud accounts with core data to provide a single source of truth for customer relationships. After starting small with one segment of accounts, it now enriches millions of accounts in Salesforce using Tray.

Collecting Net Promoter Scores at greater scale

The company uses Tray to connect Segment and GetFeedback, and then automatically send customer satisfaction surveys within an active user base of more than a half-million customers.

Driving broader visibility with alerts

Tray creates Slack alerts based on form fills and status changes in Salesforce to create greater visibility into actions.


Use data streaming for just-in-time, personalized marketing

Tray is now a core part of the company's marketing technology stack. “With Tray, we can update and integrate workflows and transform data without needing any engineering resources,” says the Director of Marketing and Demand Generation. “Tray is the solution to workflow gaps that we wouldn’t have linked up before because of the effort.” Adds the Senior Growth Marketing Manager, “Lower complexity things that we would have had to go to the engineering team for, we can now handle ourselves by adding or updating a workflow in Tray.”  

For the company's marketing team, the value that Tray brings extends beyond being able to take things into their own hands. “Tray gives us speed, agility, visibility, and cost savings,” says the Director of Marketing and Demand Generation. “And better yet, it lets us be proactive with our marketing in a way that we couldn’t before. Tray has become a core part of our marketing infrastructure.”

The Senior Growth Marketing Manager explains, “In the past, our marketing was more reactive and old school. We’d go and look for an audience, and send a wave of messages. Now, we have a Tray-powered workflow where prospects and customers are getting the right message at the right time as they interact with our platform and our marketing.”       

The Director of Marketing and Demand Generation says that Tray has opened his mind to how to make smarter use of his marketing technology stack. “We can look across the end-to-end stack and connect any of our tools to gain total control,” he says. “This is the next wave of what a marketing stack will look like and Tray lets us fulfill that vision. We now have live-streamed marketing that lets us personalize messages and deliver them at just the right time.”

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