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Leading CI/CD company seamlessly scales customer campaigns and drives higher sales productivity

Integrates data from web forms with Salesforce and Marketo in real-time to deliver robust campaigns and filter out spam

The best thing about the Tray Platform is that it just works. I trust that it will deliver fast and reliable results, so I can focus on shaping our customer experience.

Director of Web Optimization


  • Expands campaigns with greater segmentation and more-complex nurture

  • Avoids 12-hour delay to deliver near real-time customer onboarding experience

  • Removes hundreds of spam records from lead form submissions every week to boost sales productivity


  • SaaS
  • Computer software
  • Software development


  • San Francisco, California


  • 300+


  • Tray Platform

A leader in continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) helps developers by rapidly building and deploying quality projects at scale. With an international team of 300+ employees, the company has become a market leader in software development, processing more than 1 million software updates each day. 

“Companies like Spotify, Coinbase, Stitch Fix, and Buzzfeed rely on CI/CD to accelerate and improve the quality of their software builds,” says the Director of Web Optimization. “We strive to provide the kind of exceptional customer experience that these world-class developers deserve.”

With the Tray platform you can connect any web service

CI/CD company case study


Maintaining speed while expanding outreach 

The company knew that it needed to scale its campaigns to offer an engaging onboarding experience for new customers. “Previously, we relied on functionality baked in our web chat tool to send new customers onboarding emails when they sign-up to use our platform. But as our customer base grew, we wanted to deliver more-complex outreach, and that required a different toolset,“ says the Director of Web Optimization. 

“The team decided to adopt Marketo, a marketing automation platform (MAP) that we could use to create a multi-email onboarding campaign that both welcomes users to the platform and sends helpful resources to drive adoption. But as we were implementing Marketo, we discovered that it would take about 12 hours for a newly-registered customer to receive their confirmation message.”

“Obviously, this delay didn’t pass muster with our high standards for customer experience. But it left us in a tricky spot: How can we tap into the premium features of best-in-breed tools when they don’t always play nice with the rest of our tech stack?”


The Tray Platform deeply integrates the company's revenue stack to streamline campaigns   

Not only was the CI/CD company looking for a solution to close the gap between Marketo and the company’s web forms, but it also wanted a universal platform that could automate different processes across its revenue function. 

“We started to use a lightweight automation tool for a separate use case, to filter out spam entries from our web form submissions. But that tool could really only execute simple true/false validation for certain keywords, and it certainly couldn’t handle our more-complex needs,” the Director of Web Optimization explains. 

“A colleague recommended the Tray Platform, and after meeting with the team, we knew we could get it done. We had a lot of support from the solutions team as we familiarized ourselves with the basics of the platform and started building out workflows.”  

Use case

Integrating web form data + Salesforce + Marketo

With a General Automation Platform (GAP), the marketing team didn’t have to sacrifice campaign quality to adopt a new tool. The team used the Tray Platform to build out automated workflows that synced data from the the company's website with Marketo and the company’s CRM, Salesforce.

“With a viable solution in place, we could finally make the switch to a fully-fledged MAP. We built out logic in the Tray Platform that formats data from our web forms in real-time and, whenever a new customer signs up, creates a new contact record in Salesforce. We then sync that record in Marketo, where our campaign takes place,” the Director of Web Optimization explains.

The company also overhauled its spam filtering process with its newfound automation powers. “Between when we capture a lead from a web form and when we sync that data in our CRM, we added much more-comprehensive logic to filter out spam messages. Not only are we excluding messages with certain phrases, but we’re validating form entries field-by-field to create a line of defense against spam and increase the quality of inbound leads.”    


CI/CD company scales customer campaigns and boosts sales productivity

“The best thing about the Tray Platform is that it just works. I trust that it will deliver fast and reliable results, so I can focus my resources on shaping our customer experience,” says the Director of Web Optimization.

“Our Marketo integration has been running for some time now, and we’re pretty pleased with the results. We’ve expanded our campaign capabilities with greater segmentation and more-complex nurture sequences while avoiding that frustrating 12-hour processing delay for new customers.”

Automation at the company also drives higher sales productivity. “Every week, our filters catch hundreds of spam requests. That automated process is a huge time saver for our sales team, who can now devote more of their efforts to qualifying real leads. And with the flexibility of these processes, we can verify that data in real-time and adjust our definition to capture more and more spam.” 

Next steps

Optimizing and evangelizing automation at the company 

The team is always finding new ways to optimize their existing processes. “Moving forward, we’re planning to revisit the workflows we’ve already made to maximize the impact of automation at our company. We try to be good corporate citizens, so we’re sharing the platform with others in our organization that might face similar challenges. Our sales development team is already using the Tray Platform to get visibility into customer accounts for faster and smarter follow-up.” 

If you’d like to see the power of general automation in action, join us for our next weekly group demo. And if you’d prefer not to wait, check out our recent blog post on automating away web chat spam for an in-depth look into a workflow similar to the CI/CD company's spam filter. product easy to use drag and drop interface


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