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AreaMetrics builds massive sales momentum with automated outbound engine

Integrates Salesforce with Clearbit and Outreach to automate sales development

Automation shaped the trajectory of our organization. Our small team increased sales capacity by several factors and cut out manual work org-wide.

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Brandon Bennett, Co-Founder and CEO
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  • Engages far more prospects and accelerates revenue activities by several factors, including lead enrichment, routing, and follow-up

  • Delivers enterprise-grade sales motion with a small team and limited resources

  • Cuts out manual processes across the organization to focus on driving new business


  • Data, Geo-location


  • Seattle, Washington


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  • Tray Platform

AreaMetrics provides powerful geo-location data that helps retailers understand their customer’s shopping habits. The company began as a team of three in a startup accelerator program based out of Honolulu, Hawaii, and quickly grew to raise millions of dollars and service businesses across North America. In 2020, Point Inside, the global leader in location data services, acquired AreaMetrics to bolster its entry into the $35 billion digital advertising market as a data and insights supplier. 

“AreaMetrics started as a small team looking to fill a massive market opportunity,” says Co-Founder and CEO Brandon Bennett. “Fast forward to today, and we’re combining forces with Point Inside to offer valuable behavioral data and insights to our customers.”

With the Tray platform you can connect any web service

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Scaling outreach while maintaining reputability 

Early on, AreaMetrics realized that its future success would hinge on process efficiency and maximizing the capabilities of its team. “Initially, we targeted mobile app publishers that could use our data to design personalized experiences,” explains Bennett. “There are millions of prospects to engage in that space, but at the time, we didn’t have the resources to generate more than a few conversations at a time.” 

“In fact, we spent most of our energy in the early days manually engaging prospects. We drafted up emails and made attempts to get in touch manually, but it felt like there were always more partners out there that we should have been trying to engage.” The company’s sales team was using tools like Salesforce, Outreach, and Clearbit to manage its outbound processes better, but its sales motion still required considerable manual lift. 

“We wanted to bring our product to a larger audience. So, we took a step back and considered how we could scale up our outbound efforts while freeing our team to create and innovate.” 


AreaMetrics uses the Tray Platform to scale its revenue-generating processes      

AreaMetrics needed a solution that could expand its sales efforts without excess manual burden on its team. “We first tried using a lightweight integration tool, but it wasn’t flexible enough to help us build automated processes across our tech stack that would help us scale,” says Bennett.

“Luckily, we discovered the Tray Platform. We were sold on its ability to easily assemble complex integrations and power efficiency-boosting processes. Additionally, we were impressed by the platform’s exhaustive library of pre-built connectors that included many of the tools we were using in sales and marketing.”

“As a founder, I valued the Tray Platform’s low-code interface as a way to democratize automation in our organization. While I came from an engineering background, I could rest assured that, as our organization grew, my work could be iterated on by future hires.” 

Use case

Automating outbound sales and other processes organization-wide

The team at AreaMetrics started with a simple integration that created follow-up action items in its project management solution, Asana, whenever a team member moved forward with a new deal. “That's when it clicked for me— we could be using automation to power so much more at AreaMetrics,” remarks Bennett. “It wasn’t long before we snowballed into automating many processes that would end up bolstering and executing our entire outbound function.”

Given AreaMetrics’ massive total addressable market, which included literally millions of prospects of varying sizes and with varying needs, the team needed a way to continually fill its pipeline from an enormous list of prospects. The team quickly built out automated sales processes to execute the company’s outbound motion, from identifying new leads to enriching and routing them. “We effectively controlled the flow of new leads into our business. If our team had the capacity to generate more conversations, we could increase our funnel. If we were feeling overwhelmed, we could ease it up.” 

“And after we engaged a lead, we pulled data from our enrichment tools to send personalized follow-ups to encourage them down-funnel. Because our sales motion was so seamless, some of our prospects were under the impression that we were a much larger organization than we actually were at the time.” 

But the AreaMetrics team didn’t stop there. “We also automated some of our team’s ongoing marketing and analytics work. We used the Tray Platform to pipe data into dashboards that we would share internally and with investors. Ultimately, we applied automation to any manual process we could think of.” 


The Tray Platform empowers AreaMetrics to build momentum 

“Automation shaped the trajectory of our organization. Our small team increased sales capacity by several factors and cut out manual work org-wide,” says Bennett. “Before, we could only have a limited number of sales conversations at a given time. With the Tray Platform, we could schedule more calls per day while still maintaining the quality customer experience of a much larger operation.” 

“And across our organization, we saved significant time and resources that we put towards building our business. Without the Tray Platform, we wouldn’t have had the same momentum leading up to our funding rounds and acquisition.”

These changes empowered the AreaMetrics team to do some of its best work. And the Tray Platform’s ease of use let Bennett transition away from being the primary automator at the company. “We eventually hired a director of sales automation to manage our automated processes. She was not only able to maintain the integrations I had set up, but within two weeks she started building even more.” 

He adds, “Speaking broadly, I’m a big advocate of automation, and I’m excited to see that more and more organizations understand the impact it can have on growth and efficiency.” 

Next steps

Building powerful processes to bolster a new partnership 

Now, AreaMetrics is working with Point Inside to become the leading source for data in mobile marketing. “With the acquisition comes a larger revenue organization, which means we have more room to streamline and innovate,” remarks Bennett. “We’ve already identified areas of opportunity in their sales and HR teams, plus plenty of other manual jobs. I’m confident that the Tray Platform will become the engine that brings our company to new heights.”

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