Rapidly growing air travel business delivers personalized customer experience while driving powerful efficiency gains in budget and customer support with the Tray Platform

Rapidly growing air travel business delivers personalized customer experience while driving powerful efficiency gains in budget and customer support

Integrates Oracle CRM, Google Sheets, Jotform, and Typeform to update customers and their records instantly

The Tray Platform has enabled us to consolidate our tech stack into a set of best-in-class tools. It really is our Swiss Army knife.

Head of Digital Marketing


  • Conserves more than $60,000 in yearly budget

  • Speeds up support queue 300x

  • Delivers hyper-personalized service to customers through automated processes

  • Unearths valuable new use cases for other departments, including customer success


  • Air Travel


  • Europe


  • 200


  • Tray Platform

A fast-growing European air travel business specializes in offering affordable fares without sacrificing quality of service. It has recently expanded its operations to multiple offices across the continent that host more than 200 employees.

“We’re a specialty airline service with big plans to expand our footprint across Europe,” says the company’s head of digital marketing. “To compete with established players, we’ve committed to delivering a modern, hyper-personalized customer experience.” But in the travel industry, and especially for airlines, taking on entrenched competitors is much easier said than done.

With the Tray platform you can connect any web service

Case Study


Delivering personalization at scale

“The aviation industry is one that is simultaneously very technologically advanced but also has a lot of technical debt. At many airlines, the systems behind the scenes are actually quite limited and can’t deliver the experience that modern customers expect.” 

The company’s marketing team confides, “Internally, you’re struggling to evaluate new platforms not only on their primary function but also their integration capabilities, which often limits our options and prevents us from picking the best tools for the job. This inevitably results in a tradeoff: Do we choose the tools that require significant manual effort to operate? Or do we choose tools that might be slightly easier to use, but can’t deliver the type of customer experience we want them to?”

Unfortunately, high customer expectations make this already-steep challenge even tougher. Air travel is notorious for having customers with very high expectations, and in some cases, very little patience with inconveniences, delays, or errors.

“Say we wanted to send a survey to customers who recently flew with us. How can we make sure that we’re not sending it to customers who canceled their flight? Or those that arrived at the airport and missed it? Without communication between our different data silos, we had no way of making sure the right messages went to the right people.”

“The most iconic companies you can think of today all have one thing in common: exceptional customer service. But the manual processes that most airlines rely on just can’t deliver that level of service.“


The Tray Platform integrates customer data across the tech stack

The company needed a platform that was powerful enough to handle high volumes of customer data, yet flexible enough to integrate the many different applications the company had already implemented within its tech stack. 

Luckily, the company’s marketing team was already familiar with larger trends in automation. “We were aware of a few lightweight integration solutions related to home automation and personal productivity, but we knew they couldn’t handle our business-critical processes,” the team explains. “We started experimenting with a limited, point-to-point tool, but quickly realized it wouldn’t scale with our growing organization.”  

“Soon after, we were evaluating more-heavyweight solutions, but we found that some of them were limited to working with a single publisher’s suite of tools, which didn’t align with our best-of-breed approach.”

The marketing team discovered the Tray Platform, which offered the power, flexibility, and speed that they needed to deeply integrate their tech stack. In addition, the Tray Platform offered connectors to the company’s most-used services, including several Oracle and AWS applications. 

“The Tray Platform eliminated our fears surrounding integrations and let us deliver the personalized experience that modern customers demand. Implementation was quick and seamless, and the Tray.io team was very accommodating to our unique business challenges.”

Use Case

Integrating Google Sheets + Oracle CRM + Jotform

The company sends notifications across a variety of channels to inform and remind passengers of any updates related to their flight. To deliver hyper-personalized notifications in real time, it uses the Tray Platform to integrate multiple customer-facing data sources directly into its CRM, Oracle CRM on Demand, then triggers the proper flow of information with automated workflows. 

“The Tray Platform’s out-of-the-box connectors let us consolidate our data into a single, real-time record of customer activities in our CRM,” the team explains. “That, in turn, lets us notify our passengers instantly with things like booking confirmations and add-ons, while also ensuring that we aren’t sending frustrating duplicate notifications like check-in reminders after you’ve already completed the check-in process.” 

Internally, these automated workflows drive considerable efficiency gains for the company’s marketing and support teams. The Tray Platform extracts and normalizes data from different tools used within the organization, such as from Jotform or Typeform, ensuring no formatting inconsistencies or human error. 

“For high-growth companies, the ability to drive process and budget efficiencies is huge. The Tray Platform has enabled us to consolidate our tech stack into a set of best-in-class tools. It really is our SaaS Swiss Army knife.”


Delivering personalized, real-time service

“Instead of buying multiple one-off solutions, we use the Tray Platform to make good on our promise to deliver an exceptional customer experience. When we evaluated the cost of adding three to five more niche tools, our tech budget shrunk by more than $60,000,” says the marketing team.

“Additionally, the Tray Platform has been a huge timesaver internally. Before, flight cancellations took our support teams about an hour and a half to retrieve and notify our customers. Now, that process takes about 15 seconds, which makes the process more than 300x faster.”

Next Steps

Expanding the role of automation in customer service

Moving forward, the air travel company’s marketing team is looking forward to using the Tray Platform to expand the role of automation throughout the organization. “Right now, we’re working on a workflow that integrates our customer success platform, Zendesk, with the rest of our integrated system to provide our support teams with real-time updates on customer status. But there’s really no limit to what we can do with this kind of technology.”

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