Cue dramatically accelerates integration delivery time to build a world-class sales and service scripting platform

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Growing an all-in-one sales and support platform

Cue’s flexible, all-in-one sales and service scripting platform lets any phone-based sales or support team service their prospects and customers the right way, every time. Cue simplifies calls by consolidating data from different sales and support systems, including CRMs, fulfillment platforms, and note-taking tools. Phone-based teams can run their calls in Cue without having to switch between different tools to pull up information, letting them instead focus on delivering an exceptional call experience that will keep customers coming back.

As Cue expanded into more teams, the company faced a growing number of integration requests with the different types of software its customers use, including CRMs, support platforms, dialing tools, and all manner of communication and collaboration systems. “We’ve created a platform where phone-based agents can access all of their data in a single place, so it’s only natural that as our customer base grows, we receive more requests for custom integrations with specialized tools,” explains CTO Jordan Spivack. “In the past, we had to prioritize our product team’s time between these integrations and adding features to our core product. In turn, our sales cycles stretched into months as we worked to satisfy each request.” 

Meanwhile, the product team at Cue had ambitious plans to launch new features and platform improvements to further enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their end users. To create a best-in-class call platform, the team couldn’t spare the development resources to focus on building a significant volume of bespoke integrations that customers and prospects continued to request. As such, slow integrations started to limit Cue’s ability to expand its total addressable market (TAM) to reach more prospects who used different types of software in their own tech stacks.

Slow integrations prolong the sales cycle

Delivering faster customer integrations at scale with Tray Embedded

Cue needed a solution powerful enough to speed up its customer integrations at scale, but the team didn’t know where to start. But Spivack and his team knew that faster integrations could unlock a broader audience for Cue.

“The problem was that our customers didn’t just want to sync contact data. They needed integrations customized to their business needs that could move and transform all kinds of data, including revenue pipeline, opportunities, deals, case records, and more. We realized early on that these simple contact syncing tools didn’t offer the functionality we needed.”

With the help of’s customer success team, Cue built an instance of Tray Embedded directly inside the Cue client using’s APIs, pre-built tools, and code samples. And because the implementation only took the product team a single sprint to stand up, the team quickly acquired the ability to offer a new integration marketplace within the Cue application. By giving customers the power to create their own integrations using hundreds of pre-built connectors, the Cue team could deliver more integrations, faster, without having to pull vital development resources away from core product innovation.

"Tray Embedded is the rocket fuel that lets us deliver integrations in days, not months, freeing up our resources to focus on building a best-in-class product."


Unlocking rapid integrations that broaden total addressable market

Spivack and his team use Tray Embedded to dramatically speed up customer integrations. “We’ve shortened the average time it took to build out a specific integration from about a month to just a couple of days. Faster customer integrations mean faster deal cycles, which have a direct impact on win rates."

“We’ve also received a lot of positive feedback from customers since we’ve adopted Tray Embedded. We’ve accelerated the pace of incremental improvements 10x - even smaller changes or tweaks to existing workflows that would have taken days to implement now take minutes."

“Internally, Tray Embedded has significantly eased the burden on our product team. We couldn’t operate at this level of efficiency in terms of shipping new updates and features to our core product if we had to focus on customer integrations at the same time.”

Delivers incremental improvements 10x faster

Tray Embedded is the rocket fuel that lets us deliver integrations in days, not months, freeing up our resources to focus on building a best-in-class product

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