Configuration Consulting

Your ideal solution built by a Tray Platform expert

When you need a dedicated resource to get the Tray Platform quickly set up, our configuration consulting practice is designed for you. Delivered by our solution architects, you can rest easy knowing that your business’s unique requirements will be met with the best practices gained from hundreds of successful configurations. Subscribe to a Tray Platform Premium or Supreme Success Plan for post-configuration assistance on an ongoing basis.

QuickStart Packages

With a pre-defined scope of work, Tray QuickStart Packages help customers get up and running fast with a streamlined offering. All the work can be delivered remotely, thus eliminating costly travel expenses.

Custom Consulting

For organizations that seek to use the Tray Platform as a core piece of their infrastructure we recommend a custom consulting engagement. A solution architect will work with you to create a comprehensive plan to configure the Tray Platform for you.

  • fast quick start with

    Quickstart 1 Solution


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    8 hour engagement

  • You have infinite possibilities with the Tray platform.

    Quickstart Multi


    one time

    16 hour engagement

  • Custom consulting with Tray makes automating your organization easy

    Custom Consulting



    Custom engagement

Our engagements typically consist of the following components:

  • Scoping: Using a structured agenda, our consultants will gather your business requirements. We will uncover the systems that you wish to integrate and the processes that you intend to automate. We will establish success metrics for the project.

  • Tray Platform configuration: Once we set the scope and have sign-off from you a consultant configures Tray to your specifications. 

  • Project management: We manage the project timeline and deliverable end-to-end. 

  • Data validation: We validate the integrity  of the data flowing across your systems.

  • User acceptance testing: You and your team verify that workflows are working as expected.

  • Knowledge transfer: Learn best practices that will prepare you and your team to maintain or enhance your workflows yourself.


What’s the difference between a Tray Success Plan and Configuration Consulting?

Configuration consulting delivers final workflows based on your requirements and Success Plans offer guidance, coaching and co-development advice so that you can learn how to build workflows on the Tray Platform.

If I purchase Configuration Consulting, is a Success Plan required?

Yes, because it’s common for customers to ask for ongoing support and iterations post initial configuration we ask that you also purchase a Premium or Supreme Success Plan.


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