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Integrate WooCommerce with any SaaS application or service using the Tray Platform’s universal connectors. Quickly configure them to connect to any API, database, webhook, and more.


Low-code WooCommerce integration

Seamlessly connect your e-commerce tech stack with custom WooCommerce integrations. With the low-code Tray Platform, anyone can use our visual, drag-and-drop builder to stand up integrations that connect to any data source without needing extensive IT support.

You already use WooCommerce to host your custom e-commerce shop, and now you can take full control of your data and increase your sales. Drive more traffic and purchases with flexible integrations that flow your e-commerce data anywhere you need it. Our platform can connect any data source, including flat files (such as CSVs), FTP, email, and any other cloud-based software, even using data within custom fields. 

The Tray Platform also gives you the power to craft higher-converting shopping experiences with custom WooCommerce automation. Instead of wasting time with manual work, shift your focus towards acquiring customers and driving revenue. Now, you can accelerate payments, simplify order fulfillment, and increase shopping cart conversions.

WooCommerce Connector Details

CategoryE-Commerce Platform
Connector TypeUniversal Connector

Minor Configuration Required

To get data in and out of WooCommerce, use one of our generic connectivity options such as the HTTP Client, Webhook Trigger, and our Connector Builder

While it takes a little more time up front - we suggest using Connector Builder to make it faster to build WooCommerce integrations down the road.

Our company is very happy with the Tray Platform’s flexibility. The platform’s ability to push data has empowered us to drastically improve marketing processes.

Senior Consumer Marketing Manager

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