Transport For London (TFL) integration + automation

Transport For London (TFL) integrations couldn’t be easier with the Tray Platform’s robust Transport For London (TFL) connector, which connects any services without the need for separate integration tools.

Transport For London (TFL) Connector Details

Connector TypeTray Connector
List valid modesGet timetable for stationList all valid routes for given line IDsList arrival predictions for line IDs for StopPointList disruptions for line IDsList disruptions for lines by modesList line status for all lines by severityList line statuses for given line IDsList line statuses for modeList lines and valid routes for modeList lines by Line IDsList lines by mode
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Tray Embedded has freed up our engineering resources to work on our core product while leveraging technology to provide customers the flexibility to integrate with their apps, opening the door to Copper’s next stage of growth as we move up-market.

Brett Schuenemann
Brett Schuenemann, Senior Director of Product Management
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