Salesforce and Slack integration + automation

Salesforce and Slack integrations couldn’t be easier with the Tray Platform’s robust Salesforce and Slack connectors, which can connect to any service without the need for separate integration tools.

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Tightly integrate Salesforce and Slack

Bring your Salesforce and Slack instances even closer together with fast and easy Salesforce + Slack integrations on the low-code Tray Platform. Using our 100% visual, easy-to-use interface, anyone can stand up their own custom integrations between Salesforce, Slack, and any other data source, without needing IT support. 

Drag-and-drop together powerful integrations between Salesforce, Slack, and the rest of your tech stack. We can connect to your favorite cloud-based tools (even using data within custom fields), flat files (such as CSVs), FTP, webhooks, email, and databases. Don’t be restricted by inflexible native integrations. Use the Tray Platform to sync Salesforce and Slack data bi-directionally. 

But why stop there? With the Tray Platform, you can stand up flexible, multi-step Salesforce + Slack automation to free your revenue teams from manual work, empowering them to focus on projects that drive revenue for the business. Now, you can create limitless, hyper-efficient processes that are tailor-made to your business needs.

Salesforce and Slack Connector Details

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UsesSales, Marketing
CategoryCustomer Relationship Management (CRM), AI/ML
On Apex trigger (advanced)On Custom Workflow Formula (advanced)On Outbound Message (Advanced)On Record CreateOn Record Create or UpdateOn Record Field ChangeOn Record Multiple Fields ChangeOn Record Update
Connector TypeTray Connector
Batch create recordsBatch delete recordsBatch update recordsBulk update recordsBulk upsert recordsConvert LeadCount recordsCreate amendment quoteCreate custom fieldCreate query jobCreate recordCreate/update recordand 32 more...
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On Slack eventOn action (button or menu click)On slash command
Connector TypeTray Connector
Add reminderArchive conversationConversation exists?Create conversationCreate pinDelete scheduled messageGenerate channel nameGet conversation infoGet userGet user by emailInvite user to conversationLeave conversationand 8 more...
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With the Tray Platform, we’ve been able to automate formerly inefficient and error-prone revenue ops processes with enterprise security and a modern interface...without engineering resources.

Sean Passanisi
Sean Passanisi, Senior Manager, Sales and Marketing Operations
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