Gmail and Conx integration + automation

Gmail and Conx integrations couldn’t be easier with the Tray Platform’s robust Gmail and Conx connectors, which can connect to any service without the need for separate integration tools.

Gmail and Conx Connector Details

Connector TypeTray Connector
Create send-as aliasDelete messageGet messageGet send-as aliasList labelsList messagesList send-as aliasesList threadsList user historyReply to messageSend messageUpdate message labels
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Connector TypeUniversal Connector

Minor Configuration Required

To get data in and out of Gmail and Conx, use one of our generic connectivity options such as the HTTP Client, Webhook Trigger, and our Connector Builder

While it takes a little more time up front - we suggest using Connector Builder to make it faster to build Gmail and Conx integrations down the road.

By connecting our growth stack, we personalized messaging at scale for hundreds of thousands of customers and doubled our engagement rates.

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