Integrate Asana to your software stack and automate your processes.

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About Tray

We believe that any business professional should be able to easily connect their entire cloud software stack and automate complex processes in order to scale their growth.

Tray + Asana

Tray is a strategic partner to Asana. Create robust, scalable workflows connecting Asana with tools like Salesforce, Zendesk, Google Sheets, and more.

Featured Integrations

Integrate Asana with Salesforce

Automatically create projects & tasks for Salesforce Accounts & Opportunities, and sync data back into Salesforce.

Integrate Asana and Pipedrive

Automatically create projects & tasks for Pipedrive Deals, and standardize your processes.

Integrate Asana and ProsperWorks

Automatically create projects & tasks for ProsperWorks Opportunities, and standardize your processes.