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Business professionals that want to integrate LinkedIn with the software tools that they use every day love that the Tray Platform gives them the power to sync all data, connect deeply into apps, and configure flexible workflows with clicks-or-code.

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The Tray Platform routes hundreds of thousands of calls and events per day from Segment to our Marketo instance - enabling us to run smarter, more effective campaigns.

David Dorman - Director of Growth and Demand Generation
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Make LinkedIn Ads integrations easy

Easily integrate LinkedIn Ads with any data source using the Tray Platform’s LinkedIn Ads connector.. The low-code Tray Platform makes it simple to integrate the LinkedIn Ads API to your CRM or DMP, and can even make your campaigns more efficient with automation. Best of all, you can quickly stand up your own custom API integrations, without IT support.

Business users love how easy it is to utilize our visual, drag-and-drop builder to stand up custom LinkedIn Ads integrations in minutes. You can use our LinkedIn Ads connector to connect to any data source, including flat files such as CSV and any cloud service in your tech stack, even from custom fields. 

The Tray Platform also lets anyone create custom LinkedIn Ads automation to orchestrate error-free processes that scale beyond manual work. With the Tray Platform, you can eliminate  countless hours of  manual work and build a a more-efficient advertising program.

LinkedIn Ads automation for any use case

LinkedIn Ads is a great platform to engage your target audience, but unlike with other channels, performance marketers can struggle to integrate and automate their LinkedIn Ad campaigns. The Tray Platform empowers users to build custom LinkedIn Ads automation to eliminate the time-consuming manual processes  that often come with campaign management. 

Leave behind static campaigns and reporting. Now, you can make campaign management faster, more efficient, and more dynamic. For example, our platform empowers you to batch upload  audience segments  from your CRM and update them with branching logic to ensure you are consistently promoting the assets that match each prospect’s stage in the customer journey. Additionally, since we can integrate data with any software application, you can analyze the performance of your tactics by pushing data to the reporting tool of your choice. Our platform is flexible enough to automate any use case for LinkedIn Ads automation, so you can focus more time on strategy and analysis, and less on manual updates.

We offer next-level customization with an extensive library of pre-built connectors, data helpers, and custom logic operators. As a result, you can easily build the specific automated workflow that delivers the results you need, more quickly and at scale.

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Tray Embedded enables teams to scale and increase retention

Next-level LinkedIn Ads automated processes

Business users love how user-friendly the Tray Platform is, while power users love how our platform is robust enough to handle even heavy-duty data jobs. And our platform’s elastic, serverless architecture scales with your data needs. With the Tray Platform, you can build out LinkedIn Ads automation even for highly sophisticated use cases. For example, you can create automated workflows to launch new campaigns, update audiences, capture leads from your LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, and even auto-extract data for your reporting.

Our customers love using automation to execute a variety of sophisticated, multi-step processes. Need to personalize your message and offer based on engagement on another advertising platform? Need to create automated alerting for your  sales reps based on engagement from  target accounts? Does your sales team  need a faster process to automate their first engagement with LinkedIn leads? The Tray Platform is flexible enough to design, build, and automate any use case.

IT and security teams also trust the Tray Platform’s enterprise-grade security, which includes SOC 2 Type 2 certification and compliance with important data privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.

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