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Business professionals that want to integrate Amazon Marketplace with the software tools that they use every day love that the Tray Platform gives them the power to sync all data, connect deeply into apps, and configure flexible workflows with clicks-or-code.

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FICO is very happy with the Tray Platform’s flexibility. The platform’s ability to push data has empowered us to drastically improve marketing processes.

Caryn, Senior Consumer Marketing Manager, FICO
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Amazon Marketplace integrations unlocked

Break down silos in your e-commerce tech stack with the Amazon Marketplace connector for the Tray Platform, a low-code solution for all your integration needs. Stand up custom Amazon Marketplace integrations to any data source in minutes, without technical expertise. Align your internal e-commerce technology and processes with flexible integrations, without the need for IT support.

E-commerce firms, ranging from small shops to massive enterprises, use Amazon Marketplace to sell their products online. But what if you could supercharge your Amazon Marketplace listings to scale fulfillment, expedite logistics, and uncover valuable insights? With Amazon Marketplace + the Tray Platform, you can solve any use case, no matter the complexity.    

Non-technical users at fast-growing companies love using our visual, drag-and-drop interface to rapidly connect the Amazon Marketplace API to their entire tech stack. Quickly build out Amazon Marketplace integrations using a mix of pre-built connectors and logic-based helpers. 

Automate e-commerce with Amazon Marketplace

It’s never been easier to track order info, manage inventory, and create reports with Amazon Marketplace integration software. Bi-directionally sync data with your CRM, enterprise resource planning software, shipping and logistics platforms, other e-commerce tools, and much more. We can connect to any system, software, or spreadsheet with an API. 

Innovative third-party sellers on Amazon Marketplace use the Tray Platform today to build powerful automated workflows that maximize the impact of their e-commerce efforts. Thanks to our platform’s data helpers and custom logic operators, you can manipulate and flow data seamlessly across your entire tech stack to automate any process for e-commerce, order processing, fulfillment, shipping, and much more.

Some Amazon Marketplace admins use the Tray Platform to sync order data with their data warehouse and business intelligence tools to uncover trends and other insights that help them optimize their listings’ performance. Other teams have connected Amazon Marketplace with their logistics platforms to streamline logistics and increase customer satisfaction. And some e-commerce pros have even automated their entire fulfillment program, from purchase to delivery, to ensure a scalable and reliable supply chain.   

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#1 Amazon Marketplace integration software

The Amazon Marketplace connector for the Tray Platform is perfect for simple point-to-point integrations, but it can also handle complex processes that touch millions of records. And our elastic, serverless architecture ensures that your e-commerce processes scale with your business. 

In e-commerce, fluctuations in demand are common, and misalignment across your e-commerce, inventory, and fulfillment systems can lead to delayed orders and poor customer experience. Luckily, you can use the Tray Platform to integrate your stack and ensure a stable supply chain that scales with your business. Not to mention, many Amazon Marketplace admins sink hours each week into data reconciliation across multiple different e-commerce tools. General automation can reduce manual data entry and empower your team to refocus on other projects that drive revenue. 

You can also use the Tray Platform to supercharge your Amazon Marketplace efforts by regularly syncing order data with a data warehouse. Using a business intelligence tool, you can access real-time insights into demand, product listing performance, and other trends that can empower you to optimize conversion rates and secure more orders. With the Tray Platform + Amazon Marketplace, you can confidently build workflows that process orders and other customer data, knowing that we are GDPR and CCPA compliant, and SOC 2 Type 2 certified. 

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