raises $37M Series B

company raises $37M Series B
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"We believe the biggest companies in the world will be powered by automation, utilizing their data via API’s, built by our customers."

Today we’re excited to announce our $37 Million Series B fundraise, led by Spark Capital with Meritech, GGV, True Ventures, and Mosaic. This represents a great milestone on how far we’ve come as a team, and adds further fuel to our mission to lead the shift to the automated organization; our vision is to enable business people to automate via APIs.

We believe the biggest companies in the world will be powered by automation, utilizing their data via API’s, built by our customers.

Everything’s moving faster. Here’s how you keep up

Change is in the air. The pace of business is speeding up, and automation is leading the charge. There’s a reason automation has led us to raise a total of $59M in funding so far - because there’s tremendous value in automation for software. There are new challenges that businesses need automation to solve - and we’ll be investing our funding directly into continuing to help them tackle those challenges.

Automation is already here. And it’s offering you an opportunity

Some analysts predict that by the end of this year, 40% of enterprises will have embraced automation and have actual automation centers as part of their business. Others predict that the majority of customer interactions, security events, and IT-related tasks will be automated in the coming year.

Yet while the conventional concern about automation is that it will negatively affect jobs, analysts also predict “automation will spur innovation and the growth of many new jobs, products, and markets...Technologies previously used to reduce costs are now realizing their second calling: driving customer value.”

In other words, automation is offering new opportunities for those who can recognize it as a way to not only save time and resources, but also to deliver more value by dramatically increasing efficiency, collaboration, and even direct revenue. And it’s now more accessible and more powerful than ever.

BLOG - 04-23-19 Series B - 01 In the coming year, automation is predicted to have significant effects on areas such as customer interactions and IT. Image courtesy Oracle.

The gap that automation closes

Though automation is becoming more prevalent, it’s actually becoming accessible to be used by any business user, and at just the right time. And this new ease-of-use presents a tremendous opportunity to close a growing gap created by companies that use more and more cloud software applications to tackle their own unique challenges.

BLOG - 04-23-19 Series B - 02 Enterprise teams continue to use dozens of cloud-based services, with marketing leading the pack at an average of 91 apps. Image courtesy Netskope/Kleiner Perkins.

Having so many different point solutions actually creates a new operational gap for businesses who enjoy best-in-breed performance from each individual software app - but struggle to get them all to work together. Marketing, specifically, tends to use the largest number of cloud applications (90+ at enterprises).

But that’s why other experts predict that the endless adoption of cloud services will lead the way to an entirely new business environment, where business users will stitch together the various software applications they use to orchestrate sophisticated processes using automation...all by themselves.

This is the future of business, and it’s what we here at do every day. We help enterprises and rapidly growing companies around the globe use automation to drive speed, efficiency, and value with a platform that’s easy enough for anyone in any role - not just developers - to use.

Newly-minted unicorns Outreach use for marketing. New Relic use for growth. Copper use Tray Embedded, our newest product that enables companies to seamlessly add automation and integrations within their own software products, to rapidly field customer integration requests and move upmarket. And many more successful firms are transforming their businesses to automated organizations where Citizen Automators are getting more done, faster.

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