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Bella Renney

Bella Renney

Head of Product

The Tray Platform enables the composable enterprise with new features.

How we’re empowering builders to move even faster

At, we continue to challenge the status quo through our low-code user experience and customer-centric approach to automation and integration. We’re thrilled to be able to announce new features and new additions to our team that will help you become a better, faster builder.

With our latest product release, is enabling our builders to automate faster and more successfully with critical investments to enhance user education and success, automation reusability, and a fully reimagined workflow builder.

What is the composable enterprise and why does it matter?

Gartner defines the “composable enterprise” as an organization that delivers business outcomes and adapts to the pace of business change. 

The COVID-19 pandemic forced organizations of all sizes to deal with extraordinary and unprecedented challenges in order to survive, including instantly pivoting to hybrid workforces, digitizing customer experiences, modernizing legacy technology, and many more. 

Organizations that were able to respond with agility navigated the pandemic far better than those that did not.

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The composable enterprise balances business capabilities with applications, ecosystems, and platforms. Image courtesy Gartner

What’s required to enable the composable enterprise?

In order for organizations to deliver on the promise of the composable enterprise, organizations need to leverage a variety of approaches including:

  • Democratization of integration and automation initiatives for both technical and less-technical builders

  • Enhance collaboration between technical and business teams by establishing fusion teams

  • Utilize reusable, modular components to innovate faster is investing heavily in each of these focus areas to ensure our customers can realize the potential of the composable enterprise.

Great! So, what’s new?’s developers (and our incredible talent team - yes, we are still hiring) have joined forces to ensure our customers have the power to implement each of these key approaches.

Democratization of integration and automation 

Our latest platform release introduces brand-new tutorials to ensure new builders can start successfully automating and integrating immediately. The new tutorials highlight key functionality such as the connector snake, adding connectors, using the properties panel, and more.

Blog - October 2021 product update 02

Another critical enabler for democratization is to provide a world-class user experience. Our fully redesigned builder canvas improves speed and performance up to 1000% for large, complex workflows. 

Blog - October 2021 product update 03

Our newly refactored workflow builder improves performance over 1000% and sets up to deliver innovative features even faster.

Refactoring our learning experience and builder sets up to add new, innovative features much more quickly and ensures our builders can automate much more quickly as well. 

To further enhance our ability to activate builders fast, has also invested in world-class leaders who are completely focused on ensuring our customers are successful through education and inspiration. 

First, Shannon Cunningham joins as the Head of Education and Enablement. Shannon is a veteran SaaS executive in Global Education and Client Services, working and partnering with organizations of all sizes during her experience working with Salesforce, ServiceMax, and Sitetracker.

Shannon and her team will create the vision for customer education at She firmly believes that education at should highlight what’s possible with the Tray Platform and empower builders to harness all the platform’s capabilities for their business.

Next, 10-year Zendesk veteran Forest Anderson joins as the Head of Customer Solutions and Innovation. In his new role, he and his team will help customers identify new opportunities to automate, integrate, and evolve their approach to their customer experience strategy. 

The Customer Success Innovation team will inspire current and future builders by further enhancing our new templates offering, provide real world industry expertise, and critical automation best practices.

Enhance collaboration between technical and business teams

In order to foster effective collaboration, it is critical to have key functionality including robust governance capabilities like we provide with workspaces. Workspaces ensure that each Tray Platform organization can effectively segment key assets, such as authentications and workflows, by team or by use case. 

Workspaces offer a level of control that is critical to ensure effective collaboration as well as composition at scale.

Utilize reusable, modular components to innovate faster

We are also pleased to announce the release of templates, which ensure that builders can access easily configurable examples that align to common usage patterns like paginating records from Salesforce, from adding lead lists for marketing teams, to Slack alerts for sales and customer support teams, to complete automation use cases. We will continue to invest in templates to provide builders even more opportunities for reusability.

Our system integrator (SI) partners will even be able to publish these templates to rapidly deliver value to their end customers as well.

Templates are a critical feature aimed at maximizing the speed of composition for customers and partners through enhanced reusability.

If you want to get started on your automation journey, sign up for a trial today!

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