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    Hey, tech stack. Bring it in. Learn the strategies and skills you need to up your game and become a revenue operations expert.

    Operations experts: It’s time to bring your tech stack in and turn it into a winning team. Whether you work in marketing, sales, customer support, or another specific function, you probably already know your major challenges. You probably already know that many of them map to three primary areas: technology, processes, and people.

    The technology challenge

    For example, your tech stack may not be treating you right. It might not have the custom integrations your organization needs. In other words, not all your software applications play nice with the others to flow the custom data your organization needs to drive leads, convert them to opportunities, and win deals. Which means you’re stuck jury-rigging ad-hoc solutions, performing manual copy-paste work, or waiting (and waiting) for IT resources to help you flow relevant data on leads, opportunities, and accounts.

    The clock is ticking. On one hand, research shows that companies are acquiring more technology than ever. On the other, companies’ top challenges are: 68% incorporating their new tech into their go-to-market strategy, and 59% actually implementing their new software applications and getting everything to, you know, work.

    Integrated Campaign 02 68% of firms struggle to incorporate new tech into their GTM; 59% struggle to implement new technology overall. Image courtesy Sirius Decisions

    The process challenge

    As an operations expert, you also know that no amount of shiny new software will save you from processes that don’t work. For instance, have you found yourself struggling to get budget approval for the latest software application your team needs? Or maybe one of your biggest challenges lately has been getting business users to start using the expensive new software you just procured. You also know that processes like procurement and adoption are no joke. Research shows that poor adoption of key software in your revenue stack, like your CRM, is related to notably lower win and quota attainment rates. And you know that lower win-rates are not a good thing.

    What you need are processes that clearly identify the stakeholders in procurement, adoption, and enablement. Who are your budget owners, your champions, and your end-users? Do you have the full support and signoff of InfoSec and legal? Do you have executive sponsorship? Do you need formal service-level agreements (SLAs) to specify budgets, turnaround times, and other commitments?

    Integrated Campaign 03 Sales teams with high CRM adoption see higher win rates. Sales teams with low CRM adoption...don’t. Image courtesy CSO Insights

    The people challenge

    Possibly the toughest challenge for operations professionals is the soft science of managing people. Yes, we’re talking about “managing up” to your boss (or your boss’s boss), who has all the budget authority in the world but may not understand the context for why you need to add, subtract, or modify your organization’s tech stack. But we’re also talking about managing your game plan for not just mastering your tech stack, but also mastering your own career and elevating yourself beyond being a day-to-day software operator to more of a strategic leader. And we’re even talking about managing expectations among your current colleagues and preparing to build out a future team once you take on that operations lead role.

    To get your career to the next level, you need to introduce a step-change in your organization. Right now, you might be the lone problem solver in every situational challenge that pops up on any given day. How do you become the proactive planner who builds out flexible systems that removes bottlenecks? Do you have a plan in place to clear out operational blockers, like an enablement strategy that lets your teammates self-serve their own issues?

    Integrated Campaign 04 Getting more done faster, with fewer bottlenecks, may require switching to a self-service model. Image courtesy ChiefMarTec

    Take the next steps

    You know your challenges. Do you know the next steps? Step up to the big leagues with proven revenue operations strategies by joining the RevOps revamped webinar. Get full details on how revenue experts at industry-leading firms such as Udemy, FICO, Outreach, and many others already use. Get over the implementation barrier, integrate your tech stack, and build out smarter processes with your teams to deliver more leads, conversions, and revenue:

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    In addition to specific examples, get the full play-by-play on how to master technology, process, and people challenges as a revenue operations leader in The professional guide to revenue operations, which provides in-depth coverage of the top challenges in operations today, the best way to acquire new technology and align it to your organization, and how to developer your career as a revenue operations professional:

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