The top 3 takeaways from Sirius Decisions Summit 2019

    Sirius Decisions Summit 2019: Top 3 Takeaways

    Sirius Decisions Summit: The Top 3 Takeaways for Revenue Teams

    If you missed it, Sirius Decisions Summit 2019 covered a variety of topics for revenue professionals in different branches of marketing (including demand generation and marketing operations) and sales (including sales leadership and sales operations). Here are the top 3 takeaways from the event for business-to-business (B2B) companies:

    1: Relevance

    Relevance is more important than ever in a world where massive, multi-billion dollar brands still make embarrassing gaffes that “go viral” for all the wrong reasons. Research shows that customers increasingly not only prefer relevant, customized messaging - they’re coming to expect it. 70% of consumers prefer ads customized to their location. 53% of consumers expect personalized business offers, and in particular, 67% the youngest audiences (millennials and Gen Z) expect all offers to customized to be directly relevant to their interests.

    BLOG - 05-09-19 Sirius Decisions post-event 01 More than 70% of customers expect ads relevant to their location. Image courtesy ThinkWithGoogle.

    As it happens, enterprises and rapidly growing companies are already tackling these challenges like this with new technology and smart strategy. For instance, DigitalOcean stitches together its tech stack to go beyond email personalization to deliver hyper-personalized marketing messages to an audience of hundreds of thousands of global customers.

    2. Alignment

    Alignment continues to be a challenge to rapidly growing B2B organizations that are spending more than ever on technological services for their revenue teams. Sirius Decisions itself reveals that the top two tech challenges of B2B teams are introducing a new go-to-market (GTM) strategy and implementing new tech and systems. These challenges go hand-in-hand for organizations that are rapidly adding more and more best-in-breed cloud services to their tech stacks. In these cases, companies get bogged down just getting each new app successfully ramped and integrated with all the others. The struggle they face is just getting everything up and running, much less going to market.

    BLOG - 04-30-19 Sirius Decisions 00 B2B firms are purchasing more tech than ever. However, their top two tech challenges are going to market and putting all that new tech to work. Image courtesy Sirius Decisions.

    There are already companies tackling challenges like these. For example, Udemy bridges a functional gap among its tech stack to align its sales development and operations teams. The company now automates the entire quote to cash process and saves thousands of dollars and dozens of hours monthly.

    Part 3: Insights

    Because alignment against constantly growing tech stacks remains a challenge, so are insights. Not only are B2B firms quickly adding more cloud services to their tech stacks, but they also need to justify their purchases by proving their shiny new toys are providing sufficient return on investment (ROI). Now, more than ever, B2B firms need robust, responsive analytics to not only defend their budgets to the C-suite but also to track lead engagement in an increasingly challenging sales landscape. On average, buying committees of 6-7 people make the decision to purchase a B2B product or service, not a single decision-maker.

    Still, it’s possible to tackle a complex challenge like this with the right approach. Analytics leader New Relic uses customer insights from product usage data to directly drive higher engagement across every one of its personas across multiple lifecycle stages.

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