Scale integrated marketing campaigns with automation and new marketing tactics


How automation and new strategies scale your integrated marketing campaigns

If you work on integrated marketing campaigns like I do, you probably have a to-do list with a million and one entries. You know every campaign is different, and every campaign has its own nuances for planning and execution that will usually require some combination of creative brainstorming and building plus coordinating across different teams. While you stay within budget, of course. (I discuss exactly how to successfully scale pipeline growth by using new campaign strategies and technology with Sendoso’s Senior Marketing Manager Sruthi Kumar in this webinar.

However, if you’re responsible for strategy and execution like me, you might sometimes feel like you’re leading a double life. While you’re planning and executing campaigns on the ground, you also need to step back and take a strategic view of your campaigns, before, while, and after you run them. Nurturing leads post-campaign, for instance, can lead to 50% more sales at 33% cheaper cost. 71% of campaign marketers’ budgets are projected to increase within the year, but to deploy your spend in the best way possible, which channels and campaigns have the best chance of hitting your goals?

BLOG - 07-XX-19 Sendoso 01 71% of campaign budgets are set to increase within the year. Image courtesy Demand Generation Report.

As an integrated marketing campaign leader, you’re probably also familiar with moving goalposts. Your quarterly goals probably haven’t shrunk, for instance. Your sales team needs more marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and you, as the campaign lead, need to not only provide this quarter’s pipeline, but also provide a path for pipeline to scale in growth as your company grows.

You know you’re not going to hit your future growth goals just by working longer hours or by throwing around more people and resources with every passing quarter. At a certain point, you need to be able to accommodate audience growth from the thousands to the hundreds of thousands, or hundreds of thousands to millions. To drive this kind of growth, your company has to hit an inflection point, and to get to that inflection point, you’re going to have to think differently.

The keys to scale: New technology, new strategies

Marketers are realizing the importance of thinking outside the box to scale their growth. AdRoll adopted the strategy of re-architecting its campaign tech stack rapidly and segments enrich hundreds of thousands of leads to increase sales appointments 13%. Sales intelligence leader Outreach implemented automation into a variety of its marketing processes, including lead management, sales-marketing alignment, and even direct-mail gifting to do more, faster.

I go over exactly how these and other companies use automation and new campaign strategies to scale their pipeline growth in this webinar with Sendoso. I hope to see you there.

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