Product update: A new interface for working with logs


    Back in May we launched our brand new logs interface. We brought your logs right into the builder so you can reference them while building and testing your workflows. We also built in a mechanism to allow you to run free-text searches on your log history.

    Today we're excited to announce the next iteration of our logs interface to help you build and test your workflows. We've totally overhauled the interface to give you more control over how you work with Tray and we've thrown in some pretty slick new features, too.

    A better way to dive into your workflows

    You can now view your list of runs, steps, and input/output side by side making it easier to explore your workflow logs. You can skip to a connector in your workflow by holding shift and clicking on a step. This means that you can navigate around your workflow directly from the logs. This is a powerful new way of debugging and editing your workflow at the same time.

    A more personal experience

    The new panels are adjustable so you can customize your Tray workspace. There is also a new compact mode for the run and step columns to help you get your setup just how you like it. We'll remember how you configure the different panels so you won't have to adjust them every time you open a workflow.

    Better searching

    There is a search bar on top of every panel in the new logs interface. You can search for a value anywhere in a run, in a step within a particular run, and highlight any text within the input/output of a particular step. For more on how our search works we recommend that you read our logs documentation.

    More control over live incoming logs

    You can pause logs separately at the run and the step levels. This makes it much easier to work with a live workflow that is constantly generating new log entries. The bar at the bottom of each logs panel allows you to pause and unpause the flow of logs.

    The future...

    For the next iteration of our logs interface we'll be adding more powerful search functionality. Watch this space!

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