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Flexibility + technology + customer data: The keys to making your business customer-first

Learn how smart companies combine customer data, flexible technology, and a comprehensive tech stack strategy to create a robust, hyper-personalized customer experience in this full webinar featuring Segment and cloud computing leader DigitalOcean.

Do you have the flexibility to be customer-first?

Business leaders understand that we now live in a customer-first world. More than ever, customers from around the globe expect a customer experience (CX) that’s consistent, robust, and highly personalized to their preferences and purchasing history. If a brand fails to provide a satisfactory customer experience, 76% of consumers will switch to another.

BLOG - 01-XX-20 Future of Work for Execs - 02 Business and consumer buyers expect a robust CX...or they’ll switch brands. Image courtesy Salesforce

Hand-written notes and face-to-face meetings are still fantastic personal touches. Unfortunately, neither of them scales when your audience consists of hundreds of thousands of customers - each of whom exists in a unique CX segment. Every person your company could potentially touch has a different persona - a discrete professional role with varying levels of interest, a potentially separate amount of budget available (potentially none), and completely different pain points to which your products and services may or may not speak.

Also, your current and future customers are all different traveling through different segments of their customer buying journey. Some of the prospects you talk to are first-timers who are just now learning of the existence of your company and may need significant education on what you have to offer them. Others are longtime customers who may have been with you for years, have intimate knowledge of your products, but could benefit from expanding their account with you thanks to new enhancements your company has just made.

BLOG - 01-16-20 Segment Webinar

Whatever the case, your path to robust CX at scale won’t come from an army of interns hand-writing “Thank You” cards. Smart companies are building powerful, scalable CX programs with a combination of deep, nuanced customer insights and a flexible strategy around technology that rapidly retrieves and combines customer details with highly personalized messaging. and Segment are helping pave the way for this type of strategy with the Platform of Independents. Get a big-picture view on this strategy from Segment and Forrester Research in an additional, separate webinar that breaks down the brave new frontier of breaking down data silos in favor of building a continuous customer journey that makes buyers happier, prevents customer churn, and grows your revenue.

For a specific, real-world example of how smart companies combine flexibility, technology, and customer data in this customer story for cloud computing leader DigitalOcean. In it, you’ll learn how the company’s growth + demand generation team went beyond the traditional revenue stack of CRM, marketing platform, and email to incorporate insights from its customer data platform to hyper-personalize its messaging for hundreds of thousands of prospects and customers, all in varied and unique stages of their buying journey.

If you prefer to see modern CX strategy in motion, watch the on-demand webinar featuring Segment and DigitalOcean in which both companies lay out their strategies for nimbly using customer insights to provide a more-engaging customer experience.

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