How to use personalized marketing at scale with customer data and automation


    Personalized marketing at scale

    As a marketer, you clearly understand the importance of personalized marketing by now. Research shows that 52% of online customers consider a lack of personalization to be a dealbreaker, and will switch brands if you fail to provide a one-to-one marketing experience customized to their needs. However, marketing teams report that the most challenging marketing tactic to use is data-driven personalization. Learn how to drive personalized marketing at scale in this webinar featuring Segment’s Head of Growth Marketing Kevin White and DigitalOcean’s Senior User Acquisition Manager Andy Hattemer.

    BLOG - 06-XX-19 Segment Webinar 01 63% of marketers find data-driven personalization to be the most challenging online marketing tactic to use. Image courtesy eMarketer

    Why is personalized marketing so challenging to execute at scale?

    There are several obvious challenges when trying to drive personalized marketing for an audience of any size:

    • Scaling across multiple channels - The prospect of seamless, one-to-one marketing for a small audience gets exponentially more complicated as you add more channels (email, social media, video, and others). Manually running personalized marketing campaigns becomes exponentially more challenging as audiences grow.

    • Incorporating customer behavior data - Customer data provides you the exact details on actual user behavior - beyond what customers say they want, customer data tells you exactly what they do.

    • Executing across multiple applications - Sadly, customer data and behavior patterns don’t exist in great detail within your marketing campaign platform. Many customers collect such data in customer data platforms, from which they must then extract customer data - the how, why, and when customers engaged with your brand - and sync that data, one-to-one with every member of every one of your marketing campaigns.

    These challenges are steep, but savvy marketers are conquering them right now. These marketers are using new strategies that take advantage of both automation - which handles large-scale orchestration even for audiences of hundreds of thousands/millions - and API integrations - which connect all your applications, including syncing your customer data platform to your marketing platform to flawlessly execute personalized marketing campaigns in real time.

    Learn exactly how cloud computing leader DigitalOcean combined customer data with its marketing messaging stack to run campaigns with personalized marketing for hundreds of thousands of customers by joining this on-demand webinar featuring leading customer data platform Segment. User acquisition and growth marketers at DigitalOcean and Segment share their tips and tricks on how they're fueling their companies’ growth through personalized marketing. BLOG - 06-XX-19 Segment Webinar 02

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