November Update: Services Listings, Branch, Helpers, 7 New Connectors + 6 Updated 💅

    New Release
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    Kicking off the latest update on with some shiny new services' pages, perfect for discovering workflows featuring the services you love.

    New Connectors





    Core Connectors

    We have also added several built in utility and helper connectors:


    The branch connector allows you to compare a single value against multiple different

    options and follow the branch which matches.

    This connector is most useful when you want to run an entirely different set of steps

    for different values. For example:

    • React to different parameters in a Slack slash command
    • Respond with different responses for incoming webhooks
    • Map Segment events individually to Marketo custom activities

    Math Helpers

    Math helpers let you run arithmetic operations on number values in your tray workflows.

    Data mapper

    The data mapper is a simple way to change an incoming value to another. This is especially useful in situations where for two given systems, the incoming data and the outgoing data are similar, but are slightly different values.

    The data mapper is perfect when you'd want to do something like convert colors to alerts:

    • "Red" -> "Critical"
    • "Yellow" -> "Warning"
    • "Green" -> "Normal"

    Connector Updates

    The following connectors have been updated:

    HTTP Trigger

    The HTTP trigger is now called Webhook trigger and has been rewritten from the ground up to be much simpler to use.

    Boolean Condition

    The new boolean condition connector allows for matching against multiple conditions.


    Slack has been given an update to make it easier to use such as selecting from available channels when sending a message.


    ProsperWorks now has the ability to interact with activities.


    The helper connectors (formerly utilities) have had a rewrite and now include many more useful methods for dealing with text, lists, dates, numbers and objects.


    The script connector has been rewritten for improved performance and now supports some 3rd party NodeJS libraries out of the box including lodash, request and mout.

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