New connector: Secure FTP

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    Learn more about our FTP connector.

    Tray's useful FTP connector means that you can now connect to your FTP server from Tray. You can use it to listen to an FTP folder, react to a new CSV file being present, collect it and then parse to update user records on Zendesk or any Cloud application.

    A customer asked us to build this connector and a few hours later, voila! Our unique approach to building connectors means that you can request a new connector and depend on the complexity of your apps' APIs we can deliver in a few hours to a few days. Alternatively, you can use our Universal (HTTP) Connector to make REST-based requests to almost any SaaS app.

    Try out the FTP Connector by logging into your Tray account. Don't have one yet? Get started by requesting a demo.

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