New features for the Tray Platform to try today


    Greetings, Citizen Automators! As our product and engineering teams continue to rapidly innovate the Tray Platform, we’d like to take this opportunity to share some of the new functionality and features our product and engineering teams that are already available and ready to try right now.

    These new enhancements include new helpers that make building sophisticated and powerful workflows even faster and easier:

    • Logic Helpers - Build sophisticated logic beyond simple 1-to-1 comparisons within workflows
    • Phone Number Helpers - Check whether a phone number is in service, and extract that phone number into any format you like
    • Random Helpers - Include random number generators into a workflow to automate processes like randomly assigning new leads to sales team members
    • File Helpers - Easily create a JSON file directly from an API response within your workflows
    • Zip - Process flat files quickly and easily transfer them anywhere you want whether that is a data lake, file server, etc.
    • HTML DOM Parser - Incorporate HTML DOM (Document Object Model) elements into your workflows

    We have also added enhancements that add even more horsepower to your already-powerful workflows including:

    • XML Decoder - Easily and automatically translate XML into JSON
    • Terminate - Force-stop a workflow at any step, including within a branch or Boolean, for incremental testing or fine-tuning
    • Trigger Event Reply - Ensures an immediate response from a webhook and processes the data
    • Break Loop - Create ‘while loops’ in concert with the Loop Connector to customize loop behavior within your workflows

    Have questions? Please check our documentation. Want to see the Tray Platform in action? Register for one of our weekly group demos.

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