Introducing: The email trigger

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    Today we’re announcing a handy new trigger: the email trigger.  This feature lets you trigger a Tray workflow by sending an email to a special email address.  Each workflow has a unique email address which can be used to trigger it.  You can even send attachments in an email and they will be available as file objects with expiring URLs for use in your workflow.

    You can now manually (or automatically) trigger a Tray workflow without needing to log in to Tray or send a request to a specific webhook.  Just fire off an email to your workflow’s address and it’ll run.  Even better - you can use the send email connector to have your workflow send a reply when it’s done! Love it or hate it, email is here to stay.  And it just got a little more useful.

    The trigger is the starting point for any Tray workflow and defines the circumstances under which a workflow will run.  Triggers come in a variety of flavors.  Some common ones include the manual trigger (which lets you run a workflow by clicking a button in the Tray builder) and the callable trigger (which can be called by other workflows).  We recently added an alerting trigger which has been designed to handle alerts raised from other workflows.  You can also use the Scheduled Trigger to set up a workflow that you want to run regularly or trigger a workflow by calling a webhook.

    Services can also trigger workflows.  For example, you can trigger a workflow whenever a record in Salesforce is created or updated.

    New to Tray? This tutorial will show you how to build a workflow and send an email.

    Our email trigger documentation has more details about how to use the email trigger.

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