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    New Release

    Logs are a very important part of building with Tray. Through the Tray logs you can see what data your workflow is pushing around which is really important when building and testing workflows. Today we're really excited to announce the launch of our brand new logs interface. We've brought your logs right into the builder so you can reference them while building and testing your workflows. And to make this even easier, you can now run free-text searches on your log history.

    Want to find the workflow run that processed a specific customer ID? No sweat.

    The team at Tray has been hard at work rebuilding the way we process, store, and index logs from the ground up. We execute over two billion workflow steps a month - each of which needs to be logged. Our new logging system is more sophisticated, robust, and useful. We have improved the way that we index logs so that we can offer a really exciting new feature: You can search your log history with free text. Want to find the workflow run that processed a specific customer ID? No sweat. Need to change the text of a Slack notification and want to quickly know which step is sending it? Piece of cake. Want to find the last run when a specific step was executed? We've got you covered.

    A better, clearer way of exploring your logs

    It's not just the back-end infrastructure that we've upgraded. We've also updated the Workflow Builder so that your logs are viewable and searchable right alongside your workflow. This makes it far easier to build, edit, and test your workflows. Inspecting logs can be done on a single screen - no more tabbing between the logs page and the edit page!

    Use log history to support enterprise auditing requirements

    Some organizations want the ability to audit their logs over the last week or last month. Some do it for compliance reasons. Others do it for troubleshooting purposes. Whatever your use case, Tray handles enterprise requirements.

    See what all the fuss is about

    Watch this short demo video to see the new and improved logs in action.

    Try it out

    Try our new logs interface by logging into your Tray account. Don't have one yet? Get started today: request a demo.

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