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New courses in Tray Academy teach you the essentials of building on the Tray Platform.

We are very excited to announce our new Beginner Learning Path now available on Tray Academy, designed to get any builder up and running on the Tray Platform. Our easy-to-follow lessons teach you everything you need to know to get started on the Tray Platform and begin building your first automated workflows. 

At, our mission is to empower anyone to solve problems without the constraints of technology. We accomplish this mission with our new beginner courses by teaching you fundamental concepts in a guided, step-by-step walkthrough. As you progress through each lesson, you’ll gain a better understanding of the basic elements of the Tray platform, key concepts and terms, how to plan your integration, and higher-level concepts like logic and data transformation.

Check out the new courses available now at Tray Academy.

Platform Builder Beginner I

In the introductory course, you’ll learn the application's basic elements such as…

  • Navigating the features of the dashboard and workflow builder

  • Building and running your first workflow

  • Seeing your first error in the workflow builder 

  • Reading the logs and fixing the issue(s)

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One of the things you’ll learn in Builder Beginner I is adding your first connector – actions you want the workflow to perform. This is an example of setting up a workflow to send emails.

Platform Builder Beginner II

In course two, you’ll find out the fundamentals of programming with Tray and the different data types you'll encounter, enabling you to build more, faster. Here, you will learn…

  • Simple and complex types (strings, numbers, booleans, lists/arrays, objects, null)

  • JSON

  • Loops

  • Booleans

  • Variables

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Builder Beginner II covers key Tray concepts - like our Connector Snake which allows you to grab a specific value from a connector output and add it directly to the input field of another step.

Platform Builder Beginner III

In this course, you’ll learn best practices to visualize and plan your automation so you can build effectively. By adopting these best practices, you will…

  • Understand the importance of planning your automation strategy

  • Get key high-level “tips” for successful automation planning

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Planning your automation is a critical part of building workflows. In Builder Beginner III, you’ll learn how to build a workflow diagram to help you visualize what you want to accomplish. 

Platform Builder Beginner IV

To round out our Beginner Learning Path, you’ll leverage what you've learned in the previous courses to address a use case by building a real-world workflow. Here, you will…

  • Review a real-world use case

  • Learn how Tray is applied to automate the processes

  • Follow along with the provided steps to create your own workflow

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Builder Beginner IV walks you through building a workflow based on a real use case.

Putting builders on the right path toward automation success

At, we’re committed to providing our users with everything they need to transform their fragmented processes into powerful business outcomes. Whether you’re completely new to automation, an automation expert, or somewhere in-between, Tray Academy is your one-stop shop for unlocking the power of automation with the Tray Platform. 

Our new Beginner Learning Path lays the groundwork for an upcoming “Tray Certification,” with more courses rolling out this year! Up next: our Intermediate Learning Path, as well as additional advanced programming concepts and an introduction to more complex connectors, including our HTTP connector. 

Ready to get started? Check out Tray Academy and start your course today.

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