Introducing: Dynamic output schemas

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    Adrien Antoine

    Learn how to use dynamic output schemas in the Tray Platform.

    Our workflow builder has become a lot more dynamic, adaptive, and convenient as we introduce a new feature called Dynamic Output Schemas.

    There are several ways to connect data together within the Workflow Builder. You can either use the connector snake (drag the little circle next to a field label) or manually select the JSON Path type and use the autocomplete feature to enter the path to the data you want to connect.

    These features could have been sometimes limited by the fact that the JSON data structure depends on the way you have set up the project you want to connect. For example: when using the Airtable connector to retrieve data from a table, you might want to connect individual fields to other steps. Our interface wasn't providing a list of them as they depend on your Airtable table structure:

    This is not a problem anymore!

    Dynamic Output Schemas improves the data connecting experience by providing output schemas which take into account your step configuration. In the example above, it would use the authentication and data you have provided to fetch the Airtable API and retrieve a refreshed output schema having all the fields you have configured:

    This means no more inaccurate guessing or dummy workflow runs to check JSON outputs in the Logs. You now have your output schema right in front of you as you build your workflow and connect data between steps - without having to go back and forth to the Logs tab.

    So far the Form Trigger connector, the Loop connector, and the Airtable connector support Dynamic Output Schemas and we are improving many connectors to support it.

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