Improved Text Helpers

    New Release
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    We've added some functionality to the Text Helpers connector to make it easier to work with text in Tray. The Text Helpers along with the other Helper connectors (like List Helpers and Math Helpers) make manipulating data within Tray workflows simpler and easier. If you want to explore just how powerful Tray is, these are the tools you'll need!

    These Helpers are typically for power users and is useful for more complex manipulation of data. They are not for a specific integration but like the other Helpers, it's a core part of the Tray functionality that you can use with anything.

    The new operations are:

    • URL encode/decode
    • Base64 Encoder/Decoder
    • Random Hex (generates random hexadecimal characters of a given length)
    • Random UUID (generates a random UUID)
    • Typecast. You can read more about how typecasting works here

    Try out the new and improvedText Helpers by logging into your Tray account. Don't have one yet? Get started today: request a demo.

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