How to automate your marketing and advertising efforts at scale

    How to automate your marketing and advertising efforts at scale

    Make advertising more efficient and master attribution

    Online advertising is more challenging than ever for many reasons. The game has grown beyond banner ads on websites, and now encompasses new and developing channels such as social, mobile, and video. Join me and the advertising experts at AdRoll for the Masters of Marketing webinar to learn how to master a new class of advertising that crosses channels and uses automation to intelligently scale ad campaigns.

    Marketers and advertisers face new challenges as they continue to attempt more ambitious campaigns to larger and larger audiences. Orchestrating these campaigns requires a larger and larger number of cloud-based applications. Enterprise companies use an average of 1,071 cloud services, and enterprise marketing departments use an average of 91 different apps for advertising, campaign planning and execution, and analytics.

    BLOG - 03-19-19 AdRoll Webinar 03 Enterprise marketing departments use an average of 91 cloud-based services. Source: Netskope

    Sadly, not all of these applications play nicely together. Marketers and advertisers who struggle with integrations - direct, software-level connections that flow data between their apps - often find themselves struggling to keep up.

    Meanwhile, 74% of best-in-class marketers have an integrated stack helps marketers take control of their data, using a new category of technology: a General Automation Platform, which offers business users the ability to connect their various apps and automate processes with the ease of a drag-and-drop interface.

    GAPs are enabling marketers to not only run better advertising campaigns, but also to automate the tedious task of data-gathering for analytics, run a tighter e-commerce operation, hyper-personalize campaigns at scale, and even automate multi-touch attribution - which continues to be one of the toughest challenges modern marketers face.

    Learn how to use integration and automation to scale your advertising campaigns and marketing programs in AdRoll’s Masters of Marketing webinar. Please register now - I hope to see you there.

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