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    Dominic Lewis

    Dominic Lewis

    Chief Revenue Officer

    Learn why is doubling down investment internationally in 2021 to better serve global customers. is expanding globally to help both international and regional organizations rapidly deliver enterprise automation - regardless of their geographical location.

    In 2020, we saw massive international growth across our business. Our footprint in EMEA and APAC has expanded rapidly compared to 2019 metrics. We achieved 245% revenue growth, 400% growth in EMEA and APAC-based customers, 1,253% increase in data processed, and active workflows increased 446%! 

    These stats highlight the fact that the need for automation is growing rapidly in the EMEA and APAC regions in particular. Our customers also demonstrated that multinational enterprises scale faster and more efficiently when teams around the world deploy automation. investments enable automation for global organizations

    As automation initiatives continue to impact global teams, is doubling down on our international growth by expanding our global footprint to better serve both multinational and regional customers. is expanding our go-to market operations and presence in EMEA and APAC to provide global organizations enhanced sales, support, and implementation coverage, to ensure customers around the world can continue to receive world-class customer support while they’re working - regardless of their geographic region. 

    In addition to enhanced support coverage, is also pleased to announce expanded data center coverage to the EMEA and APAC regions in 2021 as well. This investment will ensure that any customer deployment aligns with our customers’ data residency preferences.

    New product updates to the Tray Platform 

    In addition to our increased commitment to global customers, we are also excited to share that we are delivering new functionality to support Systems Integrators (SIs) and other technology partners as well. 

    For customers who partner with external consultants for services engagements, the Tray Platform can now be configured to securely provision access to customer workflows, authentications, and customer environments for their partners. As a result, customers can fully integrate their Tray Platform deployment into their partner ecosystem as well. 

    In addition to adding powerful functionality for SIs, our connector engineering team continues to deliver new and updated enterprise connectors every week. is excited to announce new connectors for a variety of services including: Microsoft Azure Blob, Microsoft Dynamics GP, LinkedIn, Ironclad, Sage 300, Workfront, Sugar Market, LaunchDarkly, PayPal, and more. 

    These new connectors ensure that we can improve employee productivity through automation - regardless of the tools they use, all without requiring additional development resources.

    We hope you are as excited about these new updates as we are. We look forward to working with your global team to do more, faster with automated workflows that are more powerful, more flexible, and quicker to stand up than ever before. 

    Want to learn more about the Tray Platform? Check out an upcoming weekly demo.

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