Introducing the G-Suite and Amazon Marketplace connectors


    Greetings Citizen Automators! Recently, our product team has been very busy adding new features and functionality on the Tray Platform based on feedback from our users. By adding enterprise-ready functionality like SSO, Tray for Teams, and Sharing Workflows, and our enhanced documentation platform, the Tray Platform is innovating rapidly.

    While all this new functionality is extremely exciting, our connector team has also been hard at work adding to our extensive library of connectors available on the Tray Platform. These connectors ensure our users have even more opportunities to automate their manual, day-to-day tasks and to build out brand-new use cases on the Tray Platform. We are very excited to announce two brand new connectors available to our users: the G-Suite Connector and the Amazon Marketplace Connector!

    Introducing: The G-Suite Connector

    With our G-Suite Connector, users can manage their organization directly from the Tray Platform.

    To make this a bit more concrete, let’s say you were HR professional using an HR solution like BambooHR, while your recruiting team uses DocuSign to send offer letters to your new hires, and your organization utilizes G-Suite for your business applications.

    With the Tray Platform, you could build a workflow that could automate the process of creating a new account in G-Suite and adding your new team member to your BambooHR directory as soon as the new employee signs their offer letter in DocuSign - without needing your engineering team to write (or maintain) a single line of code!

    For companies that are in the midst of scaling their recruiting efforts, these workflows can automate tasks for multiple departments - in this case HR, recruiters, and your IT team. This lets smart organizations save hours’ worth of manual tasks that can be easily automated with the Tray Platform.

    Introducing: The Amazon Marketplace Connector

    With our Amazon Marketplace Connector, users can incorporate order fulfillment, adding or deleting customers, lists of products or customers, and many other functions within their workflows.

    This time, let’s say you have an e-commerce site that also has a Shopify store and you also sell orders through Amazon Marketplace. Currently, your team doesn’t have an easy way to update Copper (your CRM) when an order is fulfilled and communicate the new order to your team through Slack.

    With the Tray Platform, you can easily create a workflow to connect all four applications utilizing our connectors - again, without needing your engineering team to maintain or build any of these integrations. So, once an order occurs in Shopify, you can update the order fulfillment in Amazon Marketplace, then update Copper and notify your team via Slack automatically.

    Our customers are building complex workflows like these to solve a wide variety of use cases without adding more work to their engineering teams. To learn more about what Connectors are available on the Tray Platform, check out our Connectors page.

    If you’re not already a customer, but you’re interested in the ability to seamlessly integrate your tech stack and create efficient, time-saving processes with no dev resources required, join our weekly group demo.

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