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Learn how to improve prospect targeting in FullStory by combining automation with your favorite marketing automation tools. partners with digital experience leader FullStory

We are pleased to announce our partnership with digital experience leader FullStory to offer robust FullStory integrations for leaders in revenue, product, IT, and many other departments. While FullStory’s powerful analytics engine already gives users the ability to deliver exceptional experiences on their websites to increase retention and drive more revenue, combining it with a General Automation Platform gives users the ability to dramatically improve their marketing programs and targeting capabilities.

Leading brands rely on FullStory to help them optimize their conversion funnel by identifying gaps in their customer journey. By unearthing points of user struggle and optimizing customer experience, FullStory helps its customers uncover hidden opportunities, analyze and understand user activity, prioritize improvements, and measure outcomes. With FullStory integrations on the Tray Platform, users can substantially improve campaign targeting with their favorite marketing automation platform, such as Marketo, Eloqua, or Pardot.

“Now FullStory customers can integrate the most important insights from their digital experience to the rest of their tech stack, especially with marketing automation tools,” said Chris Samila, VP of Partnerships at FullStory. “Integrating with the Tray Platform empowers FullStory users to dramatically increase the accuracy and granularity of campaign targeting with tools like Marketo to increase conversions and grow revenue pipeline.”

The partnership is fantastic news for shared customers of and FullStory, since the Tray Platform directly integrates FullStory’s Digital Experience Engine, connecting to all of the indexed customer interactions FullStory stores and analyzes. As a result, joint customers can use FullStory’s comprehensive digital experience data exactly as they need to confidently identify and pursue the most important experience improvements to engage customers more deeply.

Next, an example use case:

FullStory integrates with Marketo to target specific prospects

FullStory’s powerful analytics engine helps companies improve every part of their conversion funnel, including the very top. Marketing teams who use popular tools like Marketo can now use the Tray Platform’s FullStory integration to better target individual leads with granular specificity to personalize campaigns, drive higher engagement, and ultimately convert more leads to opportunities and closed-won deals.

BLOG - 05-28-20 FullStory Launch 01

In this example workflow, we use a webhook to “listen” for any inbound visits to our website, and immediately transfer our lead’s data to FullStory to understand that lead’s behavior and level of engagement. Thanks to the Tray Platform integration, we can directly route that behavioral data from FullStory directly to our marketing automation platform, in this case, Marketo. After performing a quick Boolean “true/false” check to confirm whether the lead is net-new (in which case, we auto-create the lead in Marketo) or an existing lead (in which case, we update the existing lead record), we can then route this lead to an appropriate campaign.

Here are a few ways you can combine the power of FullStory analytics and automation:

  • If a user has more than 10 Rage Clicks in one day, add to a product education drip campaign and alert CSM to check in
  • When a customer reaches a key product milestone, add them to a smart list for a drip campaign outlining the next steps in product education
  • When a customer doesn’t log in for some period of time, add them to a smart list for a re-engagement campaign and alert CSM

Since the Tray Platform is powerful enough to use Booleans and branching logic operators, we can bifurcate lead flow into as many different and distinct campaigns as we care to. Better still, the Tray Platform is flexible enough to segment inbound leads by as many custom conditions as we wish to track leads granularly, without having to fumble with the challenges of imperfect bulk lead updates or API call limits.

Ready to see how you can supercharge digital experience with automation? Join a live weekly group demo and see the Tray Platform in action!

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