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Phil Burch

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Easily build a Drift integration that empowers you to efficiently capture more leads and helps your sales team win more deals by following up faster.

Drive more chat leads and follow up faster with Drift integrations

The team is pleased to shine the spotlight on the Drift connector, which lets you integrate this powerful conversational marketing solution to any other software in your tech stack. With Drift integrations, you can build powerful automated workflows that help your revenue teams get efficient by rapidly processing leads and winning more deals by following up faster.

What does the Drift connector mean for you? Now, you can build Drift integrations with important revenue tools such as marketing platforms like Marketo or Eloqua, sales tools such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365, and internal communication tools such as Slack or Microsoft Teams. With our General Automation Platform, you can also automate essential revenue and lead processes using Drift to auto-sequence follow-up, or as we’re about to get into below, set inbound leads to auto-enrich using data enrichment tools such as Clearbit or Datafox.

What you can do with the Drift connector

The Drift connector has plenty of useful operations to help your revenue team efficiently manage inbound inquiries and follow up with interested prospects. The connector already supports a variety of API operators, and our connector team adds net-new operations and updates existing operations every month. You can use the Drift connector to automate operations such as:

  • Add tag to contact - Add a list of tags to a contact
  • Get contact - Retrieve deals on a contact
  • List contacts - Retrieve a list of contacts
  • List contact's tags - Retrieves a list of tags for a contact list

As always, you can access additional endpoints using the universal connector, which is part of the Tray Toolkit for universal connectivity.

Next, a specific use case example for Drift integration:

Example: Drift + Clearbit integration for bulk lead enrichment

Drift users utilize the conversational marketing solution to capture inbound leads on their website via chat. Unfortunately, not all leads end up being fully-formed. Sometimes, leads are missing important fields such as name, email, or other details. In those cases, your team cannot follow up with those leads, no matter how interested they are in your products, if their information is missing! In addition, you probably know how important it is to follow up with leads quickly, since following up with a lead within an hour makes you 700% more likely to speak to a decision maker. Thankfully, you can auto-enrich leads using a Drift integration with an enrichment solution like Clearbit, as pictured in this workflow:

Drift lead enrichment

In our workflow, we use a manual trigger to enrich leads whenever we prefer to begin the process. We pull any new leads from our Drift instance, then begin looping the list of leads to confirm whether each one requires enrichment. Next, we use a Boolean true/false operator to determine which leads are missing fields, then run any incomplete leads through our enrichment solution, Clearbit. Finally, we send the fully-formed leads back to our Drift instance, ready for follow-up.


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