Tray partners with SalesLoft to automate sales engagement

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    Announcing partners with SalesLoft to automate sales engagement 1
    Phil Burch

    Phil Burch

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    Use technology to automate your sales engagement at scale. Build a limitless workflow with one of the most advanced integration platforms, using clicks or code. partners with sales engagement leader SalesLoft

    The team is pleased to announce our partnership with sales engagement leader SalesLoft. We are excited by the practically limitless possibilities that sales organizations now have to scale their outbound programs using a General Automation Platform, while seamlessly integrating their sales data with the rest of their tech stack.

    More than 2,000 organizations use Salesloft to engage their customers in more relevant, authentic, and sincere ways. SalesLoft helps companies increase revenue by offering a more-timely, meaningful, and better sales experience.

    “SalesLoft customers can now integrate the scalability and actionable insights of the #1 sales engagement platform with the rest of their tech stack,” said Sean Kester, VP of Platform Strategy at SalesLoft. “Integrating with the Tray Platform empowers customers using CRMs outside of Salesforce to leverage the SalesLoft platform, bi-directionally sync their data, and ultimately create the best buying experience for their customers and prospects.”

    This partnership is excellent news for shared customers of and SalesLoft, which include fast-growing and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Welcome to a new world of high-value use cases to improve your sales funnel and convert pipeline into active opportunities faster. Here are some examples of the many ways users can combine the capabilities of SalesLoft with the flexible automation of the Tray Platform:

    Announcing partners with SalesLoft to automate sales engagement 2

    Sales data cleanliness: Bi-directionally sync SalesLoft and CRM data

    While SalesLoft is the #1 sales engagement platform, it performs best when powered by up-to-date data. As sales professionals know, it’s common for 20-30% of your contact data to become outdated as your prospects change postal addresses, email addresses, and even jobs.

    By seamlessly integrating SalesLoft to your CRM, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Hubspot, or Copper, you can ensure your outbound cadences are always reaching the right prospect at the right time. In addition, the flexibility of the Tray Platform provides many other opportunities to intelligently use the sales data you already own to improve your sales funnel process and win more deals.

    A few automations you’ll be able to trigger:

    • Add contacts or leads to SalesLoft cadences from various updates within your CRM, even from a custom field
    • Directly integrate SalesLoft into sophisticated revenue processes like lead scoring

    Announcing partners with SalesLoft to automate sales engagement 3

    Sales-marketing alignment: Sync marketing campaign leads to SalesLoft

    Speed is an essential factor in converting leads to opportunities. Research suggests that following up with leads within an hour makes you 7x more likely to speak with a decision-maker. And as much as 50% of sales go to the vendor that follows up first. However, many organizations still struggle to align their revenue funnel activities across different teams, which causes delays that directly jeopardize sales pipeline.

    With the Tray Platform and SalesLoft, you can tighten alignment between marketing campaigns and your SDR team. Specifically, by integrating marketing platforms such as Eloqua or Hubspot, you can ensure faster follow-up to convert more leads. Our extensive connector library also lets revenue teams sync data between SalesLoft and other revenue apps that lack a native integration, such as Marketo.

    In the workflow example above, we use the Tray Platform to sync Marketo to SalesLoft to update the campaign status of leads. Syncing marketing campaign status to SalesLoft is important to keep your data clean and up-to-date. In addition to keeping your lead details refreshed with up-to-the-minute data, it’s possible to add downstream personalization by triggering a separate, custom cadence for prospects who have just engaged with a marketing campaign, such as a webinar or eBook.

    For more details, check out our documentation on the SalesLoft connector. To see more use cases for automation and integration with great revenue platforms like SalesLoft, see the Tray Platform in action in a weekly group demo.

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