How to automate the entire lead lifecycle

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    The biggest hidden problem in lead management: Speed

    You’re a busy marketing professional. That’s fine. We’ll bottom line this whole post in 10 words:

    Your slow follow-up makes leads 700% less likely to convert.

    Research shows that taking too long to follow up on leads makes you 700% less likely to get a conversation with a decision-maker. Want to know how to fix the slow and drive more conversions, meetings, and closed-won deals? Get the full guide on how to automate lead management now, or read on for more details.

    In addition to all the friction your sales and revenue team encounters across the sales cycle, from objections to price, timing, and navigating buying committees, your leads, which start dying on the vine from the moment they come in, are pushing the goalposts even further away.

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    The problem, as you’re probably aware, is that before they even get in the hands of the sales team, leads need to go through an entire lead management system of lead list uploads, lead enrichment for any leads that aren’t fully formed, segmenting them for lead-to-account matching, and then running lead routing to get the right leads to the right sales team. If your lead management system experiences any kind of breakage at any point, you’re most likely looking at time-consuming, manual labor

    You’ve already paid a significant cost to attain these leads. Any delay in the lead management process makes them less and less likely to qualify, and more and more likely for your investment to go bust.

    But there are marketing teams that are using automation and integration to connect the apps in their MarTech stack, including their marketing platform, CRM, data enrichment solutions, and outbound sequencing, and create sophisticated, automated processes that instantly and flawlessly upload, enrich, segment, and route - without the tedious spreadsheet jockeying.

    Outreach uses automation to save hundreds of hours annually on lead list uploads. DigitalOcean uses automation to incorporate data enrichment into a powerful hyper-personalization program that powers its marketing messaging. AdRoll uses automation for lead routing to drive 13% more sales meetings.

    Learn how these and other industry leaders use automation to convert more leads and win more deals in the full guide, “How to Automate the Entire Lead Lifecycle.”

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