August Update: All-new builder, clone workflows, analytics, 13 new connectors + 9 updated 🔥

    New Release

    Hold on tight, this is a mammoth update.

    As of today you now have access to our entirely re-built workflow editor, this includes an easier to use connector list, huge speed improvements and the ability to clone existing workflows. Alongside this you can now see all of your workflow** statistics on your upd**ated dashboard.

    Head spinning? OK lets take a deeper look:

    Editor Update

    Opening workflows can now be measured in warp speed, once you're in we've made it much easier to start the building process by showing all the triggers available.

    From here you'll notice the connectors have a much clearer layout (we also made it easier to search):


    Track how frequently your workflows are firing with the all-new Analytics view.

    Clone Workflows

    You can now clone existing workflow directly from your tray dashboard.


    Attachment Handling

    We’ve also quietly released an exciting new update: file attachment handling. tray now makes it possible to move files between different services seamlessly. We’ve already added attachments functionality to connectors like Asana, Salesforce, and DocuSign - with a lot more to come. Watch this space!


    • Prosperworks
    • Docusign
    • Mattermark
    • Hubspot
    • Instapage
    • Delay
    • Postgres
    • Send email
    • Instapage
    • Mattermark
    • Call workflow
    • Gmail
    • Weather Underground


    • Asana (Pick Projects & Workspaces directly inside the config panel)
    • Marketo
    • Clearbit
    • MailChimp
    • Salesforce
    • HTTP client
    • Data storage connector (collections)
    • Utility connectors
    • Google Sheets

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