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Peter Zavlaris

Peter Zavlaris

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Learn about new enhancements to Tray Embedded that empower professional services and development teams to do more, faster.

Today we’re announcing workspaces for Tray Embedded, which allows for even more flexibility, governance, and control over the end-user experience for Integration Manager customers. Additionally, we’re improving the integration development and lifecycle management experience in Tray Embedded with new environment promotion and version control capabilities. 

New features to help you deliver integrations like a boss

Tray Embedded Integration Manager empowers enterprise software companies to quickly develop and deliver integrations as a part of services or pre-sales engagements. The new workspaces feature takes these capabilities a step further—creating secure, shared spaces where companies can collaboratively develop bespoke integrations with their customers. 

The workspaces feature will include a new streamlined method for collecting end-user authentications to cloud and on-premise services. Through the product, you’ll be able to add end-users to a shared workspace and prompt them (via email) to input authentications for the specific third-party apps that they need integrated.

We are also extending our features for modern development support. Using workspaces, all Tray Embedded customers (Native and Integration Manager) can create multiple environments (dev/QA/staging/prod) and centrally manage them. Now, you can easily migrate workflows between environments for seamless lifecycle management and environment promotion.

Additionally, we’re launching a new API feature that lets you import/export copies of your Embedded environments to third-party code repositories like GitHub. Importing/exporting to repositories, previously only available in the UI, lets you version control your Embedded instances alongside other product code using your preferred CI/CD platform.

Supercharge customer integrations with Tray Embedded

Tray Embedded’s new capabilities provide greater flexibility, management, and control of your customer integrations regardless of whether you deliver them from your services team or as a core product feature. Tray Embedded’s low-code integration, authoring, and comprehensive delivery capabilities have given SaaS companies such as Typeform and Eventbrite the power to deliver customer integrations up to 4x faster while significantly conserving engineering resources. To learn more about these features and how Tray Embedded can help you deliver more product integrations, faster, sign up for a custom demo

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