Small, simple and secure way of sending Docker container logs to logentries

tl;dr; Send all container logs on the host to logentries log with the token <token>: $ docker run -d -v /var/lib/docker:/var/lib/docker:ro tray/heka-logentries:latest <token> For the curious, head over to our GitHub repo and check the content. How Stuff Works To keep things relatively small we decided to use progrium/busybox image as our base. This gave us a starting size of just 5MB. We could use the official...

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What we're working on at

After many, many months of blood, sweat and code we're fast approaching an initial release of the platform. We'll be publishing plenty of details over the coming weeks, to kick things off I'll provide a quick recap on where we're at. What exactly is We're working on a way to help build and run software integrations, our mission is to make connecting software services a breeze. Many software services we use every day are distinctly separate...

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