The HTTP client connector

Learn about HTTP and GET requests using Tray's universal HTTP client connector.


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Course overview

In this course, you’ll learn how to get started using Tray Platform’s Universal Connector - also known as the HTTP Client connector - to make your own connections to services around the web. You can use the HTTP Client connector in two situations:

When a Tray Platform pre-built connector doesn’t include all of the operations available through a service's API.

When the Tray Platform doesn’t offer a connector to a service you want to use.


This course contains a few interactive activities that are aimed to test your understanding of the concepts presented.

You will learn

Refreshing your understanding cloud software and APIs

  • The HTTP protocol

  • Communication between servers and clients

  • The Request-Response cycle

  • Executing HTTP GET requests with Tray's HTTP client connector

  • Modifying GET requests with parameters

  • Basic authentication