Building your first workflow

Build a practice workflow using our Trayning connectors.


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This course consists of two exercises to be completed on the Tray Platform using practice "Trayning connectors" that contain dummy data. Each exercise is a step-by-step implementation of the concepts you have reviewed.

This is your chance to put the key concepts you learned in the 'Tray 101' Starter Kit to practice!

Use cases

Exercise 1: New lead notifier - CRM to Messaging app

Exercise 2: Filter customers by region - send 'Thank you' note

Recommended prerequisites

  • Understand where all the components exist within the Tray Platform (Course 1)

  • Understand the basic automation language and logic used on the Tray Platform (Course 2)

  • Understand the importance of scoping out your workflow (Course 3)

Let's jump in!