The basics of automation

Understand the coding language and logic used on the Tray Platform.


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Course overview

Familiarize yourself with the language and coding practices used on the Tray Platform. The course has been split into two chapters: Understanding data and Data on the Tray Platform.


This course contains a few interactive activities. After each chapter, we will test your knowledge with a multiple-choice question.

You will learn

In this course, you will learn what makes the Tray Platform tick, such as:

  • The fundamentals of APIs and how they allow data to flow between services

  • What JSON means in the context of the Tray Platform, as well as the types of data that come along with it

  • The types of core and helper connectors you can use to build your integrations

  • Logical concepts Tray borrows to empower you to develop your business logic into workflows

You will be armed with the basic building blocks of developing workflows so that you can begin developing automated workflows in no time, no matter your starting technical ability.

Let's get to it!