Welcome to the era of the automated organization

Now anyone can integrate, automate, and innovate. Empower your citizen automators to grow your company faster. No dev resources required.

Connect your entire cloud stack, yourself

Quickly integrate your software applications using powerful automated workflows. Easily build and streamline processes using our beautifully designed visual workflow editor.

Use our Connector Press to integrate with any web-based software. We connect you to the very deepest levels of what web services offer.

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Create a well-oiled machine when data flows from team to team

Empower your workforce with automated processes and integrate your cloud stack to work in real time. Automate your organization without taxing development resources. Turn your team into citizen automators.

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  • Lead list uploads
  • Personalized email
  • Lead scoring and routing
  • Data enrichment
  • Happy customer detection
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  • RFP process
  • Alerting
  • Approval process
  • Sales enablement
  • Swag automation
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  • Post-sales processing
  • Onboarding
  • SLA prioritization
  • Support/CRM sync
  • Churn detection

Welcome to the general automation platform for business

It takes a modern platform to support an enterprise. It takes Tray. Scale from point-to-point integration up to complex workflows, which can use conditional logic and can also process billions of tasks in just milliseconds. With the advent of serverless architecture and APIs you are limitless.

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True enterprises and rapidly growing businesses trust Tray

Learn about our customers and how they use our easy drag-and-drop interface to build their dream automations.

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