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We’re excited to announce a new product and features that drive enhanced connectivity and automation for enterprise velocity. Dramatically simplify API integrations with our Connectivity API product, get started building your own Tray connectors with the Connector Builder, and try out our new Authentication and Projects features and more. Login or sign up today to try it out.

For business users

A collaborative, low-code UX

  • Connect instantly to over 600+ apps

  • Eliminate manual work, without limits

  • Build as a team to innovate fast

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Stay in control with robust governance

  • Limit your risk with enterprise security and compliance

  • Scale elastically, without costly provisioning

  • Empower your business teams to automate

For ISVs + Services teams

Deliver customer integrations, fast

  • Scale integrations fully embedded in your app

  • Deliver bespoke integrations 10X faster

  • Transform integrations into a revenue driver

Tray Embedded

Transforming over 47,000+ organizations

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The customer-centric low-code automation platform

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